THROWBACK: When TXT’s Taehyun fractured his finger while during the filming of a variety show

We are looking back at October 2020 when K pop idol TXT’s Taehyun injured his finger while rushing to meet the band’s fandom.
THROWBACK: When TXT’s Taehyun fractured his finger while during the filming of a variety show
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Back in October 2020, TXT’s Taehyun suffered a finger injury and revealed that he had actually fractured it. On October 29, right before TXT’s comeback performance on Mnet’s M Countdown, the pop icon Taehyun announced the news via the band’s official site on Weverse via Soompi and said that he had recently fractured his finger, he further explained that while he could still perform, he would need to wear a guard on stage for the group’s upcoming performances.


In his statement, Taehyun began by saying that he has to tell the fans something about the M Countdown broadcast. The icon added that while it had been only 3 days since their comeback, unfortunately, because of his hasty rush to meet our MOA [TXT’s official fandom] as soon as possible, the star accidentally hurt his finger during the filming of a variety show and fractured his right pinky.


Taehyun then revealed that he had been checked by the doctor, and the doctor said that if he just takes good care of it, Taehyun’s finger will get better without any side effects. But in order for Taehyun’s finger to heal quickly and cleanly, the idol would have to wear a guard. Then he revealed that he will be performing but only with the finger guard. He then reassured his fans and said that performing on stage in and of itself is no problem! “So our MOA, you don’t have to worry too much! I’m fine!”


Taehyun then stated that he is just grateful for the fact that he can at least stand on stage and do the best he can, and he’s sorry to my fellow TXT members and to MOA for giving them cause for concern during a time in which everyone should be making a happy start. He concluded that he will do his utmost so that he can recover and quickly return with an intact right hand!


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Taehvun Ben ÖLENE DEK senin yanındayım ve herzamanda lacağım. Sen bizi düşünme hayatının tadını çıkar.