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The Batman: Peter Sarsgaard joins Robert Pattinson starrer; Is he playing Harvey Dent?
Robert Pattinson believes Batman is NOT a superhero: You need to have like magical powers to be a superhero
Robert Pattinson: I’m kind of eager to get started on The Batman; Matt Reeves has got a good direction for it
The Batman star Robert Pattinson hopes to not get the same fan frenzy as he did when he was a part of Twilight
Zoe Kravitz chops off her long, braided locks; could this be her possible look as Catwoman in The Batman?
Batman star Robert Pattinson STRUGGLING to bulk up for Matt Reeves directorial? Deets Inside
11 years of Twilight: Five interesting trivia from Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart starrer you should know
Batman's Robert Pattinson almost quit acting after HORRIBLE Twilight audition: My confidence just s**t the bed
Robert Pattinson had a mini reunion with THIS Twilight star and no, it's not Kristen Stewart; Deets Inside
The Twilight Saga: Check out the top 10 moments from Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson's romance fantasy films
The Batman: Matt Reeves CONFIRMS Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth in Robert Pattinson starrer
Jennifer Lopez as new Batman? Twilight star Robert Pattinson feels Hustlers star would be GREAT for the role
Robert Pattinson on Twilight: It's about a guy who finds a girl he wants to be with and also wants to eat her
Robert Pattinson to don a blue and grey Batsuit instead of the black suit in Batman? Deets Inside
Kristen Stewart fangirls over Robert Pattinson as Batman; says she can't wait to hear him say 'I'm Batman'
FKA twigs OPENS UP on life post split from Robert Pattinson: I feel now like my time is so precious
Andy Serkis to play royal butler Alfred Pennyworth of Robert Pattinson in The Batman? Find out
Robert Pattinson learns jiu-jitsu for his role in The Batman
The Batman: Robert Pattinson is doing his homework before donning the Caped Crusader's uniform; DEETS INSIDE
Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Lopez & Scarlett Johansson ace the fashion game at the 11th Annual Governors Awards
Robert Pattinson REVEALS having Kristen Stewart by his side during Twilight days helped him in handling fame
The Batman: 'Nervous' Robert Pattinson REACTS to Christian Bale's Batsuit advice; Deets Inside
Robert Pattinson wants his Batman to be 'frightening': I want it to be something in which you lose yourself
Batman actor Robert Pattinson shares update on his prep for Matt Reeves directorial; Deets Inside
The Batman: Robert Pattinson cannot stop raving about Zoe Kravitz following Catwoman casting; Deets Inside
Robert Pattinson has THIS to say on whether Joaquin Phoenix's Joker will make an appearance in The Batman
Robert Pattinson feels Batman is NOT a hero: He’s a complicated character
Robert Pattinson is glad Batman casting did not invite death threats like when he was cast for Twilight
The Batman: Zoe Kravitz to star opposite Robert Pattinson as Catwoman
Oscars 2020: Robert Pattinson's name submitted in the Best Actor category for The Lighthouse
Robert Pattinson to compete in Lead Actor category for 'The Lighthouse' at Oscars 2020; Details Inside
PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson gives us major Bruce Wayne aka Batman vibes at a special screening of The Lighthouse
Robert Pattinson on playing Batman: I was so far away from ever thinking it was a realistic prospect
Timothée Chalamet is not averse to playing Robin alongside Robert Pattinson in Batman
After Christian Bale, The Dark Knight star Maggie Gyllenhaal thinks Robert Pattinson would make a great Batman
Batman: Jonah Hill demands more than double of Robert Pattinson's pay in Matt Reeves' directorial?
The Batman: Blade actor Mahershala Ali kissed Robert Pattinson starrer goodbye for THIS reason?
Batman: Jonah Hill to play THIS iconic DC villain in the Robert Pattinson starrer?
Christian Bale on Robert Pattinson playing Batman: Everybody protested when Heath Ledger was cast as Joker
Tenet in India: Christopher Nolan films a stuntman jumping off a building in Mumbai's Grant Road; Watch VIDEOS

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