Struggling with tangled and frizzy hair? Here are 6 products to help you out

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Struggling with tangled and frizzy hair? Here are 6 products to help you out
Struggling with tangled and frizzy hair? Here are 6 products to help you out


Tangled hair is always a problem. Hair tangling happens when the tresses do not have enough moisture locked in and are excessively dry. It also leads to other problems like hair thinning, breakage and hair fall.  If you have split ends, your hair can get tangled more often. This is why you should get your hair trimmed every once in a while and oil your hair frequently. Here we bring to you 6 things you need to take care of your hair properly and avoid tangling.


Hair Conditioner

Though it’s common for your hair to get tangled, excessive tangling every day is a result of a lack of moisture and protein in your hair. So always wash your hair in cold water and condition your hair after shampooing. This hair conditioner is a single stop solution to common hair issues like split ends, breakage, hair fall, frizz and flyaway.

hair conditioner

Price: Rs 335

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Hair Serum

Hair serum improves hair manageability and strengthens hair strands to give you detangled and strong hair. It enhances its shine and fights hair dullness and also provides protein that makes your hair thick and healthy.

hair serum

Price: Rs 375

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Satin Pillow Cover

Sleeping with open hair is never advisable and what makes it even worse is the friction between your hair and pillow that weakens your hair and results in tangling. Satin’s soft and silky smooth fabric reduces friction and also helps your hair!

satin pillow case

Price: Rs 499

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Wide Tooth Comb

Combing your hair frequently improves blood circulation in the scalp and also detangles your hair. It is easier done with a wooden wide-tooth comb to prevent hair breakage while detangling.


Price: Rs 199

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Satin Scrunchies

Instead of rubber bands or tough hair clips that are harsh on your hair and promote breakage and tangling, use soft satin scrunchies.


Price: Rs 299

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Hair Mask

Once in a while nourish your hair with a DIY hair mask that provides your hair with the required vitamins and proteins to keep it healthy and strong. This amla powder can be made into a paste with aloe vera gel and coconut oil to moisturise and nourish your hair.

amla powder

Price: Rs 149

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