Relationship Tips: 9 easy ways to bring your partner emotionally closer to you

Ladies, here are 9 easy ways you can get your man emotionally attached to you!

Updated on Apr 13, 2020 11:35 PM IST  |  1.4M
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Relationship Tips: 9 easy ways to bring your partner emotionally closer to you
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Emotional attachment is the essence of a relationship that makes two people want to spend the rest of their lives together. And it takes more than just your flawless physique and good looks to get a guy emotionally attached to you. This is what will make him go out of his way to make you happy and make the relationship work. No matter how long you’ve been married or are seeing each other, it’s never too late to start increasing the emotional intimacy to make sure that the love never dies. 

But how do you make a man be emotionally invested in a relationship? For women, it might be easy to figure out what they want emotionally from a relationship. But when it comes to men, it is not easy to connect with them on an emotional level. However, one thing is for sure that bonding on an emotional level is what is going to turn that one date night into a lifetime of happiness. 

If you’re trying to connect with your man emotionally, here are 9 brilliant ways to do that.  

Share with him your secrets 


If you want your guy to emotionally open up to you, you have to share a side of yourself he hasn’t discovered. Not the stories that will scare him but the ones that will make him understand you better. Revealing your sides piece by piece will help you build your bond and make him feel more connected to you. Show him how awesome you are so that he tries to know you even more. 

Ask him to open up 


Why not encourage him to open up to you? Ask him to let his guard down and open up with you on a deeper level. Allow him to tell you bits and pieces of his past slowly and steadily. Don’t force or poke him to tell you everything at once. This can and will be detrimental to your relationship. 

Support his decisions  


Quit judging him every time you doubt his decisions. If you’re constantly belittling your guy, he will never open up to you emotionally. Let him know how supportive and loving of a woman you are. Support him and stand by him as long as his decisions are not harmful to someone else or you. 

Avoid dirty fights 


Picking on someone’s weakness should never be a part of any argument. Be mature enough to handle things the right way. Hitting below the belt in the name of winning a petty argument will do your relationship no good. It will destroy it and make your partner despise you. 

Be real 


If you want your relationship to last a long time, don’t indulge in superficial conversations with him. If you don’t understand or know about the issue he is talking about, just tell him and ask him to explain it to you. It is better to hold a meaningful conversation than a fake one. 

Keep his secrets


Please resist telling your girlfriends everything important he tells you. If he is sharing something with you that means he trusts you and you shouldn’t tell it to another soul. If he knows deep down that his secret is safe with you, he will never shy away from telling you things. 

Show appreciation from time to time 


Most men aren’t that expressive. But all they want is to feel loved and appreciated for the things they do for you. Showing gratitude is important in your relationship to show how much it means to you. Don’t let the word “thank you” fade away with time. 

Spice things up


Emotional intimacy deepens when you are physically intimate with someone. Tell each other your fantasies and try them if you’re comfortable. If you guys are comfortable with sharing your wants, then it’ll help grow closer together. 

Be his safe haven


Be someone who he comes to when he is having a hard time. Be someone with whom he is comfortable enough to spill all the beans without the fear of judgement. If you can be a safe place where he can let go of all the fears and feel protected, this emotional bond will never be wrecked!

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