4 Zodiac signs that are most compatible with Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man

Updated on Jun 25, 2021 07:17 AM IST  |  555.4K
Zodiac signs compatible with Aries

When we think about the popular super hero movies, then Iron Man is the most common name that comes on our mind. And when it’s Iron Man, then it will always be Robert John Downey Jr. or Tony Stark. Robert’s career has both success and rough time and he mainly gained commercial success at his middle age.

Robert Downey, the critically acclaimed actor, was born on April 4, 1965 and he is an Aries personality. Aries people are full of life, enthusiasm and have the will to live in the moment always. They have a fiery personality which makes them take risks always with courage and enthusiasm. Once, a plan is accomplished, they are always making a new one for their upcoming adventure. This star sign would be best compatible with any air and fire signs. Aries is itself is a fire element and a make zodiac sign. So, here are 4 sun signs that are most compatible with Robert Downey Jr.


The fellow zodiac sign, Sagis are also full of life and enthusiasm who love to live in the moment keeping the tension about future behind. So, these people being in a relationship with Aries explore the whole world, travel, meet new people, socialise, live life to the fullest. So, their bonding is always a charming one.


Leo is the fellow zodiac sign of Aries and both of them belong to fire element. They are both bold, courageous, enthusiastic, intelligent, social etc. They never get bored of each other for being a highly fiery personality and they always keep things lively.


People of Gemini sign easily get bored of anything and that’s why they need new entertainment in life always. And Aries people are always on something to make their life more interesting. Since they both have an urge to know the unknown, they make a great pair together.


Librans are the air sign who are social, good conversationalist, intelligent, balancing, and sophisticated people. So, they keep a balance between leading a normal life and taking new risks always. So, with them Aries people learn when to stop.

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