BTS Rewind: Jimin, V, Jungkook and others reveal THIS is when they want to get married

A member of ARMY had asked each of the BTS members to write down the age they think they will get married. Read below to know what the septet had to answer to the personal question asked by the fan.
During a 2015 fan meet, BTS members revealed by which age would they want to get married.During a 2015 fan meet, BTS members revealed by which age would they want to get married.
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When you are a band as universally loved as BTS, you can only imagine how big their fandom would be! ARMY is strong, proud and loud when it comes to the adoration for the band. There's also a sense of protectiveness towards the septet - RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. The Bangtan Boys are completely dedicated to their work, which is almost their life, and towards their love for ARMY. When it comes to relationships, the band usually shy away from talking about their love life.

"We are focused on our careers," RM had quipped during an interview when asked about their dating scene. However, the boys do want to eventually settle down and have a family. But, when exactly are they planning to get married? Well, during a 2015 fan meet, a member of ARMY had asked the boys to write down the age when they think they will get married. When it comes to RM, the leader of the group, who is a workaholic revealed that he wants to settle down by the time he is 32 or 33. Given that he is only 25 right now, Kim Namjoon has a very long way to go.

Jin, on the other hand, is closer to the age that he wants to get married at and that's 31. This means, that the 27-year-old Jin has close to 3-4 years before he plans to walk down the aisle. Suga, who recently turned 27 will wait a little while longer before he gets married as his ideal age is 35. J-Hope and Jungkook seem to be in no rush to get married as they both wrote 100, jokingly. Seems like the duo is happy being single and giving all their love to BTS and ARMY instead!

Jimin had an interesting way to write his ideal age to get married, which is 35-36. ChimChim wrote that he would walk down the aisle 15 years after revealing his ideal marriage age. At the time of the fan meet, the singer was 20-21 years of age. 24-year-old V, on the other hand, believes that he will get married by the time he is 30.

Check out the ARMY member's tweet about BTS revealing what age they want to get married below:

Which BTS member do you think will get married first? Let us know your picks in the comments section below.

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When it comes to kids, Namjoon and Seokjin are of the same opinion that they want two sons and one daughter, while V reciprocates the same feeling. But if Taehyung and his future wife will have time, then he wants four sons and one daughter. Yoongi just wants one son while Hobi wants two sons and two daughters. Jimin wants three sons while Jungkook would like to have one son and one daughter.

Meanwhile, the boys are currently at their home in South Korea, due to the self-isolation period as Big Hit sent out a statement recently that the Map of the Soul Tour could soon be delayed to an indefinite time. The four scheduled concerts in Seoul have already been cancelled. A recent video shared by the boys saw the septet urging ARMY to stay safe amidst the coronavirus scare while revealing that they will be reunited once again when things get back to normal.

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taehyung will be getting married with kim yoo jung (actress), they have been living in the same apartment for 2 years,

Hobi and Jungkook, ty for wanting equal amount of girls. TT TT boys aren’t everything.

I wish them all the best.

I think jin

Its from a fansign of 5 years ago...their opinion might have changed now. Still I will support them in their life choices

Its from a fansign of 5 years ago...their opinion might have changed now. Still I will support them in their life choices

This was from 5 years ago before they renewed their contracts with Big Hit. I think as long as they are still performing as BTS, they will either have no relationships or have to hide the ones they do have. It's a big part of being a KPop star, being "attainable" for fans. If anyone gets married, we probably won't know about it until their contracts end and they move on to their solo careers.

Except Junkook why do all of them want to have more sons? Just a thought!

In Korean culture, even though it's quite traditional, they favor having more sons because sons can inherit the family name and can basically "further" the legacy of their family more than the daughter who is seen as like being eventually "taken" away at some point. Yes it's very traditional unlike other countries but a lot of families are changing their perspective and find a better value in what they do in the world and how their kids become rather than how they can best carry the family name further.
I imagine Jungkook just wants a balanced family without too much children haha.

Cause in Korea no sort of gender discrimination exists before birth. They must have said it jokingly. It is God's wish after all right.

Koi bhi kare pr v nahi karna chahiye

Hey are u Indian army??

Everyone must settle & have a complete and happy family of their own, without any worries if they wish to.

Koi bhi kare pr v nahi karna chahiye

why shouldn't V not do it? it is his choice and his will

I hope that you're kidding. & If not,then it's V's personal life. It's his decisions. You're no one to interfere,& neither anyone else.

Even if they get married or start dating us ARMY have to keep supporting BTS no matter what.

Well I think Jin will get married first
Anyways we all love them and I hope everyone even antis stay safe from corona virus outbreak

Well I think Jin will get married first
Anyways we all love them and I hope everyone even antis stay safe from corona virus outbreak

No no no

I'm crying even if it means to leave them I want them to be happy and get the love they deserve and so much more. Please stay happy and healthy

I think i would marry Taehyu ng one day <_> Jk jk

I think jungkook would first get married because each and every member of BTS says that he is more into relationships and marriage

married to me, right? XDDD

I think jungkook would first get married because each and every member of BTS say that he is more interested in relationships and marriage

I still love BTS no matter what

Cute awesome

Cute awesome

I think kookie

I believe Jin or RM. I believe both of them are husband material xD

I hope they find their true love!!

Whatever may happen we army will love and cherish you guys.You guys are seriously great. We army love you 7.Just stay blessed and happy.

This question that was put to the boys was in 2015, thats 5 years ago,so their answers could possibly alot different now,JK would of been about 17, they've all matured now and they're at the height of their career, but im guessing mid 30s

I love themm soooo much.....specially jungkook..... I can't think about their marriage.....but wish they all get their loving souls.....

I don't think that anyone of them will get married at their time they showed Allah knows

I totally agree.

"and others" that's pretty disprectful, hyung line is important too


I think jk and jimin are gay for eachother

I agree with 100000000000%

At what ever age they want to marry and whom ever they want to marry is their choice and I will always respect their choice and will always support them

I'm curious, why do they think Jungkook will be the first one to get married? I actually want them to be happy and have a family of their like while they are still working in this line, that's just because I'll be able to see how happy they are! May they find their real love.

Women are not baby making machines. Men ! Tsk tsk they havent even met their future wives and they decided. This is too way ahead into the future. Guys find your girls first and then ask em what they want too. Sheesh.

Ok jungkook I will die and I be back again to marry you that means 50 year after I will die and then after that I will reborn and at 25-30 I will marry you because that time your 100 years will over because now I'm 20 ok don't forget I'm waiting for you ☺️☺️☺️☺️

It doesn't matter when they'll get married as long as they'll be comfortable on revealing them and of course, we, ARMYs, will be always there to support them no matter what. Just be happy on what you do BTS ,<3

I think jimin will get married first

I guess jin

I guess jin

I hope they will date and marry and be happy...ARMY should support them. I hope that day would come and surely I would be happy and support them

i think nobody will gt married until someone of them starts dating

I love BTS so much but it's their life as an army we should not interfere in their life but we should always support them and always support them #Indian A.R.M.Y

We should always support thrm but don't disappoint thrm raising these interference with their personal careers. I'm really thankfull I'll always be suport them no matter what

army love bts but they can't
married theirs favourite choice like jk. jhope. rm. jm. sg. and jn. by the way l love jhope soooooo much but married , its not possible for me but i wish god bless Bts. love you bangtan boys♥

Why isn't it possible

I think Taehyung married first......

I think v


I think v get married first

I love you bts ❤❤❤❤

is this a article based on a fan tweet from a fansign 5 years ago. wow... professional

I know right

that's why it says "BTS Rewind" at the beginning of the article.

I think Jungkook will marry first, that too I think he will marry Sana

Jungkook can marry anyone he wants.. and some armys would go crazy over it and i would be sipping my tea and munching on popcorn while watching the drama

Jungkook should marry Lisa from blackpink

Why? I am curious

Who is Sana?

I think the one that get married first is hobi

I really hope that they meet there love of there lifes and life a strong happy life with them :)

Doesn't matter what ever happenens I will keep supporting you all

Bless you 7.An inspiration for my daughter. From an Army mom.

i dont know abt marriage but jimin ll b the first to find his love

I love bts very much

I think jk

Joungkok get married last because he is very naughty boy interested for girls i love you joungkok.

Oops!!i think the same

Army will be happy when each member finds the love of their life. We will cheer for them. And respect their relationships. Also it's not our business to interfere with their private life's.

yes..agree 100%..


Yesss, I can't wait for them to find their loved ones...

Hwaiting BTSXARMY, be safe be strong

Yesss you're right, I can't wait for them to find their loved ones....

Be safe everyone, be strong

You sure about that? Cuz I don't think so... Big part of ARMY will go crazy for sure, and it's going to be interesting to watch, my popcorn will be ready. :F



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