Who Is Kacey Musgraves’ Ex Cole Schafer? Everything About Him As Singer Opens Up About Views On Relationship And Love

Know more about Kacey Musgraves’ Ex Cole Schafer, is a copywriter by profession and also writes poetry under the pseudonym January Black. Musgraves is proud of the way she loves and admits that she is an emotional person.

Published on Mar 03, 2024  |  02:12 PM IST |  58.9K
Kacey Musgraves and Cole Schafer- (Getty Images)
Kacey Musgraves and Cole Schafer- (Getty Images)
Key Highlight
  • Cole Schafer is a copywriter by profession who also pens poetry under the pseudonym January Black
  • The couple parted ways after two years of dating
  • .Musgraves' fifth studio album Deeper Well is ready for release on March 15 2024.

Singer Kacey Musgraves is proud of the way she loves and admits that she is an emotional person and gives it all in when she is in a committed relationship. In her recent interview with The Cut for their cover story, the country singer was asked if she had any potential regrets regarding her previous online disclosures about her relationship with former partner Cole Schafer. These questions arose in light of the potential implications for her upcoming album, Deeper Well.

“I don’t regret living and loving as hard as I do,” Musgraves, told the outlet. “Whenever I’m in a relationship, I’m all f---ing in."

"I think that hesitancy breeds hesitancy, and if you go in with something with one foot, it’s going to fail," she added.

“After divorce, it’s like, on one hand, I do want to self-protect, but at the same time, if your heart is feeling open, I think you have to just show up for it," she told the outlet. "I’m still trying to figure out the balance of that.”

And though her forthcoming album, Deeper Well, is not about her split, it still helped her find closure.

“Operating from your high self is having the courage to remove resistance to growth, whether that be people or habits or whatever," she explained, referencing a recent meditation workshop she learned.


“I’m like, 'We’re all so concerned with attaining, attaining, attaining more and more and more.' And if you look at it in that sense, it’s never enough," she added. "If you look at it as ‘I’m already the ultimate rich,. I already have everything I need,’ it just takes that away.”

Let's take a moment and explore a little about her former partner, Cole Schafer and the history they share.

Who is Cole Schafer? 


Originally hailing from southern Indiana, Schafer currently resides in Nashville, much like Musgraves. Aside from playing the guitar, he is a copywriter by profession who also pens poetry under the pseudonym January Black. Schafer has published three books of poetry, titled One Minute, Please?, After Her, and Guillotine.


How did the duo meet?

In an interview with the New York Times, they recounted a classic "meet cute" scenario in a crowded restaurant, where they instantly connected from a distance. Schafer approached and introduced himself, unaware of who he was talking to. “He did not know who I was, which I loved,” Musgraves said.

Meanwhile, in Schafer's book Guillotine, there are some odes dedicated to Musgraves. Within its pages, he mentions a photo he posted of Musgraves, depicting her holding a fan and glancing over her shoulder.

The poem reads:There is a polaroid of her / on the dashboard of my '89 Range Rover; / a polaroid where she's bending the wind / with an oriental fan; / as she gazes over her left shoulder, / her eyes devouring something the camera cannot see.”


When did their relationship end?


According to reports from multiple sources on November 28, their relationship had ended "at least a month ago and they both unfollowed each other on Instagram after two years of dating, as noted by Page Six.

A source explained to Us Weekly, which also reported the split, “They weren’t seeing eye to eye in terms of where they are in life right now and decided to end things.”

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