THROWBACK: When Lee Shin Young opened up about his role in Crash Landing on You

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THROWBACK: When Lee Shin Young opened up about his role in Crash Landing on You

Back in February 2020, Crash Landing on You star Lee Shin Young opened up to GQ Korea about starring in the hit drama, his career and personal life. Detailing his experience with the hit show, Crash Landing on You, Lee Shin Young said that it was like a dream to be cast in it.  When asked about his favourite scene from the drama, the actor said that it has to be the eating scene at the convenience store. He recalled that when they started filming early in the morning, he was really hungry, so he devoured the cup ramen. The actor called it a very realistic scene.


On his hopes for the characters, Shin Young shared that he hopes Se Ri and Jung Hyuk will get married, raise a daughter that resembles the mother, a son that resembles the father, and live happily ever after. For the unversed, in the drama, Lee Shin Young portrays a North Korean officer. When asked if it was difficult speaking in a North Korean dialect, he replied, by saying that everything about North Korea is new and fascinating, but practice is the only way to survive. So he did study a lot. 


When asked why he chose to become an actor, Shin Young told the magazine that he likes expressing emotions, especially looking into a person’s emotions. He revealed that he initially even trained to become a model, but it didn’t seem like his path.


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Anonymous : lee shin young was honestly amazing in Crash Landing In You, I recognized him from Just One Bite and was surprised. His acting improved from than, I even loved his character from Just One Bite. His character went against what everyone imagines a couple should look like in a kdrama. Therefore I look forward to more of his projects. Good Luck, Lee Shin Young!!!
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Anonymous : This young man would make a great model. When he stepped out in the jeans I thought he was a model. Keep the faith and move forward. Handsome young man
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