Magic Johnson Recalls Hanging Up on Michael Jackson twice before Hosting Prince's Legendary Pajama Party

Magic Johnson recalled memorable moments, from hanging up on Michael Jackson to hosting Prince's legendary pajama party. Read more.

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Image Courtesy: Twitter
Image Courtesy: Twitter

On an episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show, 64-year-old former NBA player, Magic Johnson, recounted tales from his past.

These included instances with the likes of Michael Jackson and Prince, including the time he allowed the latter to host a pajama party in one of his cinema theaters.

Johnson’s story about Jackson stemmed from a request the pop star made for him to appear in his 1992 music video for the song Remember the Time.


Upon receiving the first phone call from Jackson, Johnson simply hung up, not believing it was him. It wasn’t until Jackson’s brother, Jackie, who confirmed the call that Johnson returned it, profusely apologizing for the misunderstanding.

In their conversation, the pop star proposed featuring two “MJs” in his video – Magic Johnson, and basketball professional Michael Jordan. 

“So he says, ‘I’m doing this video and I want to do one with the two MJs, one with you and one with Michael Jordan,’” Johnson said, adding that Jackson then asked, “Can you come to my house tonight?”

Recounting his visit to Jackson's house, Johnson shared his astonishment when he discovered that Jackson had ordered KFC for dinner. 


Magic screamed, “Michael, you eat Kentucky Fried Chicken!” The player added, “I said, ‘Hold up, I gotta come down there and share that bucket!’

Although he initially ordered grilled chicken and vegetables, Johnson couldn't resist sharing the bucket of fried chicken with Jackson, describing how they both sat on the floor enjoying the meal.

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Prince's Memorable Pajama Party at Magic Johnson Theatre

Johnson shared a story of Prince requesting a pajama party at one of his Magic Johnson Theatre venues. Prince, to arrive at 1 a.m. with a bus full of people all dressed in pajamas, sparked Johnson's recount.

He alerted his manager and ensured staff were prepped to accommodate Prince and his entourage.

Johnson stated, “I took a short nap before waking up at midnight to ensure his comfort." Johnson gave an account of the scene as the buses pulled up and people poured in, all in good spirits and wearing their pajamas.

He described the atmosphere as childlike with constant laughter and amusement, exactly as Prince described.

Johnson highlighted the event as one of his top experiences, having a star like Prince in his neighborhood theater along with his crew.

He said, “This was a significant reflection of how valuable these theaters are to the community.” He further mentioned that another notable event was Jackson's Thriller premiere at one of his theaters.

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