Nothing Phone CEO urges Elon Musk to embrace 'Bhai' name for India factory venture

Join the lighthearted exchange as Nothing Phone CEO, Carl Pei, playfully advises Elon Musk to embrace the affectionate title 'Bhai' for his India factory venture.

Published on Feb 19, 2024  |  08:09 PM IST |  33.6K
(Image Courtesy: Wired)
Image Courtesy: Wired
Key Highlight
  • Nothing Phone CEO Carl Pei suggests Elon Musk adopt 'Bhai' for India factory venture
  • Playful banter ensues on social media as users react to Pei's suggestion with witty remarks

Nothing Phone CEO Carl Pei Yu made a lighthearted suggestion to Tesla CEO Elon Musk about establishing a factory in India. With Pei preparing to launch the "Nothing Phone 2a" in India next month, he suggested that Musk consider using the name "Elon Bhai" for his Indian endeavors. This suggestion came amid growing excitement about Tesla's entry into the Indian market, with the government reportedly working on policies to ease the importation of electric cars. 

Pei's witty advice 

In a playful exchange on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Pei changed his username to 'Carl Bhai' and humorously challenged Elon Musk to do the same. He jokingly asked, "Elon Musk did you really think you could build a Tesla factory in India without changing your username to Elon Bhai?" This lighthearted banter reflects the friendship of two prominent figures in the technology industry. 

Pei's suggestion sparked a flurry of user responses, highlighting India's diverse linguistic and cultural landscape. One user joked, "You are the Bhai, he will be the Mamu," while another suggested regional variations like "Elon Bhau," "Elon Gaaru," and "Elon Paaji" based on the factory's location. These responses not only added to the humor but also highlighted the cultural differences that exist across India's various states. 

Implications for Tesla's entry into India 

As discussions about Tesla's entry into the Indian market heat up, Pei's suggestion highlights the importance of cultural sensitivity and adaptability for international businesses. Tesla and other companies can strengthen their relationships with Indian customers and stakeholders by embracing local customs and linguistic nuances. Furthermore, the proposed policy changes to reduce import duties on electric cars signify the Indian government's commitment to promoting sustainable transportation solutions. 


Carl Pei's playful suggestion to Elon Musk captures the spirit of innovation and camaraderie in the technology industry. As Tesla prepares to establish itself in India, the exchange serves as a reminder of the significance of cultural awareness and adaptation for successful international ventures. With policies in place to encourage the importation of electric cars, Tesla's entry into the Indian market holds great promise for both the company and the country's automotive sector. 

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Know more about this playful banter:

What prompted Nothing Phone CEO Carl Pei to suggest the 'Bhai' name to Elon Musk?
Carl Pei's suggestion came amidst anticipation for Tesla's entry into the Indian market and Pei's upcoming launch of the Nothing Phone 2a in India.

How did users respond to Carl Pei's suggestion on social media?
Users reacted with humor and creativity, offering region-specific variations of the suggested title 'Bhai' and engaging in playful banter online.

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