Are you a Bollywood buff? Guess these ICONIC characters and films from clues

If you eat, breathe, sleep Bollywood, then go ahead and test your knowledge. Guess these iconic characters and films from the clues and graphics. Check it out.
guess who,Bollywood quiz Are you a Bollywood buff? Guess these ICONIC characters and films from clues
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Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, it looks like everything has come to a standstill. With theatres shut down and no films being shot, fans of Bollywood also are not getting any content in terms of their favourite stars. So, to feed your filmy soul and help you pass your time amid lockdown, we’re back to save the day with our fun game. All you need to do is look at the fun graphic and relate it with the clue below to guess the iconic films and characters. Well, if you are a true Bollywood buff, it should be a piece of cake for you. 

Each graph is from an iconic film of Bollywood and is a memorable character played by a superstar of the film industry. Below are the clues given to help you in case you get stuck while trying to guess the film and the character from the film. Amid the global pandemic and lockdown, while we all are stuck at home, surely this fun game will help feed your inner filmy soul as well as put your Bollywood knowledge to test. 

The best part, you can forward the graphic to your friends and family members and they can join you in this fun game to pass time amid the lockdown. So, don’t wait up. Gather your family and loved ones and start guessing these iconic characters and films!

Clue No 1 

He is a flamboyant guy who falls in love with a tonga puller girl who has named her horse too. A policeman with no hands seeks his and his cynical friend’s help to defeat an evil dacoit who has wreaked havoc for years. In the end, to save him from getting killed by the dacoit, his lover dances in front of the evil villain and his party and his friend tries to fight them all. But, loses his life in the process. Go ahead and guess this iconic film and character!

Clue No 2 

She dances her out in one of the most iconic songs of Hindi cinema with one of the best dancers in Bollywood from old times. The song is about rumours of their affair surfacing everywhere in town and they don’t care about it. However, the actor in the song is just using the leading lady to convince his lover that he is involved with her. The leading lady’s saree and makeup from the song is still very popular among the young girls and the name of the film is a Hindi word for bachelor. Go ahead and guess the film and character!

Clue No 3 

She has just returned from a popular university in the UK to India and has joined her father’s college. She gets ragged by a popular guy in college who thinks the NRI girl wouldn’t know a thing about Indian culture. He asks her to sing a Hindi song and she sings an Aarti and leaves everyone stunned. Post that, the guy apologises to her and teams up with her and his best friend to sing a song on the annual day of the college. Eventually, the NRI girl and principal’s daughter marries him and has a girl who they named after his best friend. Go ahead and guess the character and film!

Clue No 4 

He is a happy go lucky guy who moves to America to get his heart ailment treated. However, he eventually falls in love with his neighbour’s daughter who is sour and grumpy all the time. He helps her come out of her shell and teaches her to live life to the fullest in every moment as it is uncertain. She falls in love with him but he pretends to be married as he knows he is going to die. The title song features the superstar and gives us a lesson to live our lives to the fullest, no matter what as we don’t know we may have more time or not. Go ahead and guess the character and film!

Clue No 5 

She is the wife of the reigning king of Marathas and is an obedient daughter-in-law. However, she gets heartbroken when her husband, the king, falls in love with another girl who is not of their religion. However, when the other woman who her husband has fallen in love with, comes to their city, she invites him to a festival of all women and the two ladies dance their heart out without any grudge against each other. The epic film is an iconic love story from the chapters of history. Go ahead and guess the character and film!

Clue No 6

This is one of the most classic films ever made in Bollywood. It stars a yesteryear superstar who is from the first family of Bollywood. The life of the character revolves around the circus and the clown. Different stages of this character’s life are portrayed from his childhood to adolescence to adulthood. It is an emotional tale that is bound to leave you tearing up every time you watch it. The graphic itself is a dead give away of the film and character. Go ahead and guess this classic film and character. 

Clue No 7 

She is a Hindu princess who is married off to a Muslim king to save the entire community from the wrath of his army. However, eventually, the kind king agrees to all her conditions and they start coming close. But, his nanny intervenes and creates misunderstanding between them. The King banishes his lady to her own parents house. She goes back, heartbroken. When the King learns the truth, he goes back to bring her back. But, she is angry with him and asks him to first win the hearts of the people of the Kingdom and then she will return home. He does the same, and she returns home in a grand way. Go ahead and guess this magnum opus and the character!

Clue No 8 

She is an entertainer and is in love with a guy who is the next in line to take over the reigns of a political party. He gets chosen by a popular worker of the party who the senior leaders trust. The girl dances her heart out with her guy and the villain of the film in a song about a thin cigarette. The actress who played this role is one of the dusky and gorgeous beauties of Bollywood. Go ahead and guess the film and character.

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