How to naturally condition your hair at home? Explains beauty expert, Shahnaz Husain

Beauty Expert, Shahnaz Husain guides you through all the ways you can condition your hair at home. Check it out

Updated on Jan 20, 2021 05:09 AM IST  |  1.6M
How to naturally condition your hair? Explains beauty expert, Shahnaz Husain
How to naturally condition your hair? Explains beauty expert, Shahnaz Husain
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Hair conditioning is one of the important ways by which we can improve the look of the hair, making it soft and smooth. Regular conditioning helps to provide nourishment and keep the hair looking good. 

The hair is made up of concentric layers. The outermost layer, the cuticle, plays an important protective role and also contributes to the shine of the hair. In damaged hair, the cuticle is stripped off in an uneven manner, making the hair rough, dull and weak. One of the main functions of a conditioner is to make the scales of the cuticle smooth, so that the hair looks shiny and manageable. Regular conditioning helps dry hair, split ends and brittleness. It also helps oily hair by reducing oiliness, lending body and restoring the normal balance. Sometimes the hair becomes charged with static and gets a “fly away” look. Conditioning restores the electrical balance and it becomes easier to comb and style. The hair can be conditioned with rinses, packs, as well as rich, creamy products. Some natural ingredients also help.



Hot and cold infusions made from hibiscus flowers and leaves can be used to condition the hair, add shine and prevent dandruff. For hot infusions, the flowers and leaves are added to hot water and allowed to stand in it for 10 to 12 hours. The water is strained and may be used as a last rinse. For cold infusions, the flowers and leaves are allowed to stand in cold water in a ratio of one to six. They are then lightly crushed with the fingers in the water and strained. The water may then be used as a rinse. A paste can also be made of hibiscus leaves and flowers and applied on the scalp, washing off after an hour. This is a total hair-food treatment and helps to check dandruff.   

Give yourself a deep conditioning hair treatment at home to have it looking great:

- Mix well together with one egg, one tablespoon castor oil, the juice of a lemon and one teaspoon pure glycerin or honey. Massage this well into the scalp and apply on the hair too. Wear the plastic shower cap and relax for an hour. Then shampoo the hair, rinsing well with water. Give your hair a last rinse with the lemon and tea rinse. 


For fine, oily, limp hair:

Soak a cup of broken “moong” dal overnight. Then grind it in a mixer with enough water, to make it into a smooth paste. Part the hair in sections and apply, so that the entire hair is covered. Keep it on for half an hour and wash your hair well with plain water. 

- A hair rinse also provides a conditioning treatment to the hair, helping it to settle and giving it body and bounce. It is particularly useful for oily hair.


Add the juice of one lemon to a mug of water and use it as a last rinse. It is ideal for oily hair, reducing oil and restoring the normal acid-alkaline balance. 


Marigold (“Gainda” flowers): 

Add a handful of fresh or dried marigold flowers to three cups of hot water. Allow it to stand for an hour. Strain and cool the water and use as a final rinse. It benefits oily hair with dandruff. 

Fenugreek (Methi) seeds: 

Grind one tablespoon of methi seeds coarsely and soak in two cups of cool water. Leave it overnight. Strain and use the water as a last rinse. It helps to condition the hair and keep the scalp free from infections and even lice infestations. 


Take used tea leaves and boil them again in 6 cups of water. Strain and cool the water. Add the juice of a lemon and use as a last rinse. 

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