EXCLUSIVE: Shahnaz Husain shares simple makeup tips to make eyes look attractive

According to an expert, “Make-up trends for 2021 are heavy on the eyes!” Indeed, when we are still wearing masks for protection from Covid-19, our eyes are the centre of attention!

Updated on Feb 26, 2021 02:07 PM IST  |  1.6M
EXCLUSIVE: Shahnaz Husain shares simple makeup tips to make eyes look attractive
EXCLUSIVE: Shahnaz Husain shares simple makeup tips to make eyes look attractive
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Dramatic and heavy eye make-up, with the black eye-lined or winged eyed look, has been ruling fashion trends. If we think of one colour, it would be black, which can be combined with other colours. Coloured shadow and liners have also caught on. For instance, purple eye colours have been trendy. They say purple suits the smoky-eyed look!

Almost any colour can be mixed with black eyeliner, like pink, orange, green and blue shadows. For a gala night, gold, silver and bronze shadows can be mixed with black. Both black and coloured liners are being used together for the liner extensions. For example, black and purple, or black and blue liners can be used together. It is a bold look with bold contrasting colours. And, the black eye lined look is definitely “in.”

If you wish to achieve the winged eyed look, you will need foundation, three blending colours of eye shadow from light to dark (you will have to consider the colours if you are combining), a highlighter, which is essential for the area just beneath the brows. There are many kinds of eyeliners, like the new gel eyeliner. Or you can go for a pencil eyeliner or kohl. But, the liquid eyeliner would be easier to apply if you wish to try the dramatic look and also combine it with another colour. For combining, you will need to get the eyeliner in two colours. Mascara will also be needed.


First, apply a light shadow over the eyelid and a dark one in the crease of the eyes. Light grey on the eyelid would look glamorous. Apply a line of black eyeliner close to the lashes on the upper lid. A useful tip is to smudge the liner and then apply it again. Extend the liner outwards and slightly upwards, beyond the outer corner of the eyes. Then use another colour close to the black liner, also extending it. Use plenty of mascara. The black shadow on the outer corners of the eyes can also help to achieve the same look. If you join it with the crease line, it is easier to create the winged eyes look. For the lower lid, apply liner as close to the lower lashes as possible, but start from the middle of the lower eyelid and take the line towards the outer eyes. Then apply the other colour, the same way. Instead of black, you can use navy blue with grey, or green with mauve, or dark grey with lilac. Apply lots of mascara.


To play down prominent eyes: Apply a dark shadow over the entire lid and the highlighter (light or white colour) on the brow bone.

To widen close-set eyes: Apply dark shadow on the outer side, starting from the centre and going outwards and slightly beyond the outer corners. Eyeliner or eye pencil should also start from the centre of the upper lid and go outwards.

To lift droopy eyes: Apply the dark shadow in the socket and stop just before the corner, where eyes begin to droop.

To play down wide-set eyes: Apply eyeliner or eye pencil from the inner corner, going outwards, along the entire length.


To play down sunken/deep-set eyes: Apply light shadow over the eyelid and a darker one on the brow bone, to bring the eyes forward.

These are some of the tips for eye make-up. See what suits you and try it out at home. Never try a new make-up for a gala event. One learns from trial and error. Also, practice makes perfect!

About the author: Shahnaz Husain is the founder of Shahnaz Husain cosmetics.

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