‘I Try to Just Break the Stigma’: Bulls’ DeMar DeRozan Clocks Most Minutes by Any Player in a Season in 2020s

DeMar DeRozan's exceptional performance at 34 challenges age stigma in sports. He clocked most minutes by any player in an NBA season in the 2020s that makes him a role model for the senior players.

Published on Apr 15, 2024  |  11:49 PM IST |  56.7K
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Demar DeRozan has his clock going at 34

DeMar DeRozan's exceptional durability and commitment to the game have propelled him to the top as the NBA's minutes leader for the season. 

Despite being in his 15th season and at the seasoned age of 34, Chicago Bulls' DeRozan showcased an incredible work ethic, notching a staggering 2,988 total minutes on the court. This remarkable achievement not only underscores his physical endurance but also speaks volumes about his unwavering passion for the sport. 

"I hate the stigma in terms that 33, 34, 35 is old. I hate that. So I try to just break the stigma of that. Guys can be well into their mid-30s,” DeRozan told the Athletic. 

DeRozan's accomplishment also places him among an elite group of players, as he becomes the first player in his 30s to lead the NBA in minutes since LeBron James accomplished the feat in 2018, debunking the notion that age inevitably slows down an athlete's performance.

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DeMar DeRozan Names Jevon Carter for the Postseason Improvement 

DeMar DeRozan, the standout talent of the Bulls, attributes the team's 2024 postseason fortitude to a pivotal, tension-filled moment with his teammate. During a stretch when the Bulls were grappling with consecutive setbacks, DeRozan found himself embroiled in a heated exchange with teammate Jevon Carter during a film session. 


As per NBC Sports, DeRozan clarified about what went inside the team. He said, “To be honest, we had some lows that, for me, means the most. I ain’t gonna give it away of when, but there was a time it got extremely rough for my part. The bond and the closeness we had after that meant a lot. So even though it was an extremely bad moment, it meant a lot for us to change over the season.”

Overcoming the stint, he added, “I don’t look at whatever negatives happen as a bad thing because we bonded back from it in a whole different way if we didn’t have that moment.”

While the situation initially presented significant challenges, it ultimately catalyzed a remarkable transformation within the team.

Despite facing considerable adversity, DeRozan has remained a pillar of resilience for the Bulls, particularly in the absence of key teammates such as Zach LaVine and Lonzo Ball due to season-ending injuries. 


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