Jontay Porter Could Receive NBA Ban for Committing 'Cardinal Sin,' Says Adam Silver Amid Betting Scandal: Report

Amid a potential NBA betting scandal, Toronto Raptors' Jontay Porter faces a 'cardinal sin' accusation from Commissioner Adam Silver, hinting at a possible ban.

Updated on Apr 11, 2024  |  07:30 AM IST |  72.6K
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Jontay Porter and Adam Silver

The day for Toronto Raptors forward Jontay Porter does not seem to be heading in a good direction. The NBA commissioner, Ada Silver, recently put out an investigation into Porter regarding potential violations of the NBA’s betting policy. 

Terming the act as a ‘cardinal sin’ while hinting towards the potential banishment from the league, as Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today reported, Silver said, “It's cardinal sin what he's accused of in the NBA, and the ultimate extreme option I have is to ban him from the game.”

Further, boasting over the authority he holds, the commissioner made a clear statement that if found guilty, it will lead to ‘severe’ consequences. 

“That's the level of authority I have here because there's nothing more serious around this league when it comes to gambling and betting on our games, and that is a direct player involvement. And so the investigation is ongoing, but the consequences could be very severe.”
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What is the betting scandal that Jontay Porter is involved in? 

In recent NBA games, Jontay Porter's performances raised suspicion due to unusual betting patterns. For instance, during a game against the Clippers, Porter played only four minutes and didn't meet the low over/under expectations set for his points, rebounds, and assists. 

His limited involvement, along significant bets favoring the under on his 3-pointers, highlighted potential irregularities. Similarly, in a game versus the Kings, Porter exited early, citing illness after minimal playing time, diverging significantly from the expected performance levels outlined in his player props, suggesting a recurring pattern.


Not to forget that NBA regulations strictly forbid players from participating in any kind of wagering on league games. The ongoing investigation into Porter's possible involvement in these betting discrepancies could lead to severe penalties, including fines, suspensions, or even permanent disqualification, as determined by the NBA commissioner based on the league's collective agreement with the Players Association. 

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