Lebron James Earns Rare Praise From Skip Bayless Following Electric Performance In Lakers Vs Clippers

Skip Bayless breaks tradition and roots for LeBron James following the Lakers vs. Clippers clash. Find out what the sports analyst said!

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Published on Mar 01, 2024 | 01:33 AM IST | 120.3K
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Skip Bayless breaks the mold with rare praise for LeBron James.

On February 28, Lebron James displayed an extraordinary fourth-quarter performance during the Los Angeles Lakers versus Los Angeles Clippers clash.

James erased a 21-point deficit to secure a 116-112 victory over the Clippers and propelled the Lakers to a comeback. In the final quarter, he scored 19 crucial points and sealed the win for the Lakers.

Iconic Sports Analyst Skip Bayless, a serial Lebron James, showed appreciation for the Lakers legend on X, formerly Twitter.

"Great game by LeBron James," wrote the ex-First Take co-host.


Skip Bayless' post garnered 1.5 million views over his rate appreciation for LeBron James.

NBA fans were taken aback and chimed in with quirky responses.

"Hell has frozen over," wrote one fan. 


"Skip been really complimentary this season lol, " commented another fan.


A third fan wrote, "First step in the healing process for world peace."


"Wow never thought I’d live to see it," mentioned a fan who was taken aback like rest.



There was a fan who couldn't believe that Skip Bayless was complimenting  Lebron James and wrote, "Someone clearly hacked him."


Why Skip Bayless Criticize LeBron James?

Skip Bayless has openly disapproved of LeBron James since he started playing in the NBA. Firstly, Bayless questions James's clutch performances and playoff record compared to Michael Jordan's.  Beyond on-court performance, Bayless suggests LeBron lacks the mental fortitude for championship success and leadership. 

In the GOAT conversation, Bayless rejects any comparison between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. The Sports Analyst feels Michael Jordan is far superior in terms of leadership, competitiveness, and clutch performances.


Los Angeles Lakers Versus Los Angeles Clippers: Quick Recap

Initially, the LA Clippers versus LA Lakers were in favor of the latter. But Anthony Davis faced foul trouble in the beginning. Next, the Clippers established a double-digit number triggered by James Harden and extended their lead to 14 points by halftime.

After the break, the Clippers found their lead to 17 points. However, defensive stops and fastbreak buckets from Rui Hachimura and Austin Reaves decreased the gap to 71-62. Unfortunately, a 10-1 Clippers run dampened the Lakers' resurgence, and LeBron's team faced an 18-point deficit.


Nevertheless, in the fourth quarter, LeBron James initiated a stellar comeback. He continued to shine and hit his fifth 3-pointer to make it a two-point game at 104-99 despite a 21-point Clippers lead.


Thereafter, LeBron tied the game at 106 and went for a 12-0 run with Hachimura's 3-pointer. Finally, the Clippers fell short as Kawhi Leonard's jumper missed, and Cam Reddish sealed the Lakers' comeback with a dunk.


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