The Sims 5 pre-release version leaked by hackers; DEETS inside

An early version of The Sims 5 has found its way onto the internet, delighting fans eager for a glimpse into the next installment of the popular simulation game series.

Published on Feb 27, 2024  |  03:07 PM IST |  137.5K
(Image Courtesy: Instant Gaming)
Image Courtesy: Instant Gaming
Key Highlight
  • Pre-release version of The Sims 5 surfaces online, sparking excitement among fans
  • The leak hints at both the PC and Android versions, suggesting cross-platform play

A pre-release version of The Sims 5 has been leaked online, giving fans a first look at what developer Maxis has planned for the next installment in the popular simulation series as per Games Rant. Here's what we know so far. 

Leak unveils The Sims 5 pre-release version 

Hackers have obtained and released a pre-release build of The Sims 5, giving eager fans a first look at the highly anticipated game. The leak has sparked excitement in the community, with players rushing to learn more about Maxis' latest creation. 

Notable revelations from the leaked pre-release version include the use of Denuvo DRM and the transition from Frostbite to Unreal Engine. Both the PC and Android versions of the game have surfaced, indicating that development is well underway for both platforms. 

According to Maxis' previous announcements, The Sims 5 will feature cross-platform play between PC and mobile versions. The leaked build sheds light on this aspect of the game's development, hinting at a seamless gaming experience across multiple devices. 

Limited response from Maxis and EA 

As of now, neither Maxis nor EA has officially responded to the leak. It is unclear who is responsible for the breach or the extent to which the leaked build is complete and accurate. The lack of a response from the developers has left fans wondering what the leak means for the game's development timeline. 


While the leak provides tantalizing glimpses into The Sims 5, caution should be exercised when interpreting the information gleaned from the pre-release version. Because the build is likely to be incomplete and subject to change, it may not accurately represent Maxis' final product. 

Some fans have expressed hope that The Sims 5 will mark a new beginning for the series, but the leaked version may not provide a complete picture of the game's potential. As a result, fans are urged to approach the leaked information with caution and wait for official updates from Maxis and EA. 

As fans eagerly await further updates from Maxis and EA, it is critical to remain patient and temper expectations. The Sims 5 promises to be a watershed moment for the franchise, and while the leaked build provides a tantalizing glimpse, there's still a lot to learn about the game's features, gameplay mechanics, and overall experience. 

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Know more about Sims 5:

What platforms will The Sims 5 be available on?
While specific platforms have not been confirmed, it is expected that The Sims 5 will be released on PC and possibly other gaming consoles.

When will The Sims 5 be released?
As of now, there is no official release date for The Sims 5. However, fans are eagerly anticipating news and updates from Maxis and EA.

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