5 Tips that will ensure your freshly cut bangs ALWAYS look good 

A hairstyle that is known to give off a posh/chic vibe while instantly transforming one's hair game, is bangs!

Updated on Jul 30, 2020  |  11:47 AM IST |  1.7M
5 Tips that will ensure your freshly cut bangs ALWAYS look good 
5 Tips that will ensure your freshly cut bangs ALWAYS look good 

Want to make a bold statement? Get bangs. Want to stand out from the crowd? Get bangs. Want to look stylish? Get bangs. 
Getting bangs instantly amps up the hair game. It elevates the look, giving off a French/Parisian and classic vibe. 
Alas, with bangs comes the problem of maintaining them. From getting regular trims to picking out styling products to protecting them at all costs form the rain and sweat that instantly ruin them, making bangs look normal on a daily basis comes with its own challenges. 
If like many, you too have decided to give yourself bangs during this lockdown, take a look at the 5 tips that will help to ensure they look great no matter what the weather. 

Wash your bangs 
Not just those who have oily skin, even those with normal skin need to wash their bangs more often than just giving them that bi-weekly wash. Your bangs will get more greasy due to the oils from your face so freshening it up on a daily basis is the best bet to making your bangs look healthy and clean. 

A hairdryer is your new best friend 
Bangs tend to dry faster than the rest of your hair and are stubborn when it comes to their shape. To ensure you don't hate their shape once they have air-dried, it is best to blow dry your bangs from the top and aim the nozzle from top to bottom and style it with a barrel brush. 

Don't overuse styling products 
Overusing products on your bangs will not do them any good unless you like the greasy look. Use a minimum amount of product to tame your bangs. 


Get a regular trim
Trimming your bangs every six weeks is the best thing you can do for them. It ensures the shape is not lost and it doesn't grow into an awkward length barring your eyesight. 

Never leave home without a brush 
Setting your bangs with your fingers when you are out of home might seem easy, but actually tends to make them super oily. Instead, carry with you a small brush that will come in handy when you need to set your hair. 

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