BLACKSWAN shines at 2024 Seoul Fashion Week; from Karma stage to gracing runway: WATCH

BLACKSWAN steals the spotlight at 2024 Seoul Fashion Week, transitioning from the Karma stage to grace the runway in a dazzling display of style and presence. Read on!

Published on Feb 06, 2024  |  05:23 PM IST |  95.2K
BLACKSWAN at 2024 Seoul Fashion Week; Image Courtesy: BLACKSWAN's Twitter
BLACKSWAN at 2024 Seoul Fashion Week; Image Courtesy: BLACKSWAN's Twitter
Key Highlight
  • BLACKSWAN captivate audience with their performance at 2024 Seoul Fashion Week
  • BLACKSWAN members also make heads turn at 2024 Seoul Fashion Week runway

BLACKSWAN took center stage at the 2024 Seoul Fashion Week, not just with a powerful performance of their hit Karma, but also by gracing the runway for a clothing brand. The crossover between music and fashion showcased their versatility, adding a new dimension to the event.

BLACKSWAN at 2024 Seoul Fashion Week

BLACKSWAN, the dynamic K-pop girl group, made a stunning impression at the 2024 Seoul Fashion Week. Their performance of the 2023 comeback hit, Karma, was nothing short of electrifying, captivating the audience with their dynamic presence and flair. Their music injected an unforgettable vibrancy into the event, setting the stage on fire with their unparalleled energy.

However, BLACKSWAN didn't stop there. In an unexpected twist, they showcased their versatility by hitting the runway for the renowned clothing brand GREEDILOUS. This crossover from music to fashion added an exhilarating dimension to the fashion week, surprising and delighting fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

By seamlessly blending the worlds of music and fashion, BLACKSWAN demonstrated their ability to transcend boundaries and showcase their talents in multiple creative arenas. Their unique fusion of these two dynamic industries not only highlights their versatility but also underscores the synergy between rhythm and style.

As BLACKSWAN continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, their appearance at Seoul Fashion Week serves as a testament to their status as trendsetters and innovators.

More details about BLACKSWAN’s latest activities

BLACKSWAN, the multinational girl group under DR Music, has been making waves in the K-pop scene with their unique admission and graduation concept. As of October 2023, the talented lineup includes Fatou, Leia, Gabi, Sriya, and NVee.


Their 2023 comeback, That Karma, released on May 19, features the title track Karma and the captivating Cat & Mouse. The group showcased their international appeal with a Pop Edition released on September 6, featuring English versions of the tracks along with A World Without Pain.

Beyond their musical achievements, BLACKSWAN earned recognition at the 2023 Newsis K-EXPO Cultural Awards, receiving the prestigious Next Generation Hallyu Star Award. This honor reflects their rising influence and impact on the global Hallyu wave.

With their dynamic sound, international lineup, and a concept that evolves with each member's journey, BLACKSWAN continues to leave an indelible mark on the K-pop landscape, solidifying their status as a group to watch in the ever-evolving world of Hallyu.

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