EXCLUSIVE with Fatou: Here’s everything that we learned about the BLACKSWAN member

BLACKSWAN currently has 4 members- Fatou, Leia, Sriya and Gabi, and is planning on making a comeback by the end of the year.

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Girl group BLACKSWAN began its course way before- in 2011. Known as Rania then, it has since evolved to be renamed as BP Rania and finally settled with another reformation as the BLACKSWAN we know now. Member Fatou first introduced herself in July 2020 and has since been a part of the group’s full album ‘Goodbye Rania’ in October 2020 and single album ‘Close to Me’. Fatou successfully made her solo debut on August 19 with the single album ‘PWAPF’.

Introduction to Fatou:
Fatou is known to harbour an interest towards all things creative and her fondness of the K-pop culture has allowed her to dream, further making her realise it as she debuted as a part of BLACKSWAN in 2020. She not only managed to debut as a K-pop idol, but also became the leader of the multinational group, adding to her achievements. She is the first African K-pop star, giving others an opportunity to follow her fabulous journey and also fulfill their dreams.

Her journey:
Establishing herself as a K-pop idol was no walk in the park for the Senegal-born model and rapper who first began with working in an airport. But she kept her calm and maneuvered her way in with style and eagerness in her eyes. She also went on to become the first from her current girl group to go solo as she debuted with ‘PWAPF’ in August. Three songs- ‘Castle Key (Roll)’ as the title track while ‘Gucci (PWAPF)’ and ‘Lingo (Stunna)’ as the b-sides met the fans through a single album, ‘PWAPF’ which is short for Psycho With A Pretty Face.



Her energy:
Right from the get-go Fatou was her cheerful self, even as she struggled to match schedules with us and rushed from one broadcasting station to the next interview and the next commitment, all in one day. But she was having fun, which she assured us of. On her feelings about making it work, she expressed her nervousness and wondered what would be the right way to describe her emotions.

Her artistry:
During our conversation, Fatou further dug deeper into her own inspiration. She reveled in the way of story-telling by C Jamm, Migos, Nicki Minaj and her favourite- Kendrick Lamar. She went on to lament her love for each one of them and especially rapper Kendrick who has greatly influenced her song creation process. In her tracks too, Fatou mentions how her life has been different to many, having come from a background that is not so experienced in the line of work that she chose, only to enter into a space that may not be ready for her. However, her inclusion and bloom has been a testament to her artistry. And the support has been just as amazing. She never forgets it and is grateful for all that has come her way. While back home, her mum keeps her head in the game for her as well as the support she receives from her two younger siblings, she finds peace with being in their presence even if it is for a short while.

Her synergy:
Coming from a group with 3 other members and being the oldest of them, Fatou has been a pillar of the group. Their message to her as she makes her debut was very clear as they asked her to do what she does best and not let things get to her, giving their absolute support. She was all praise when asked about the newbie Sriya who she has been seen hanging around as the two develop their friendship. During a previous talk with the new member, the India-born expressed her fellow teammates’ love for her cooking, making Fatou wish to savor it everyday!

Fatou has a bright future and it is very prominent from the way she conducts herself as well as holds the others in high regard. She is aware and accepting, proud and humbling, refreshing and grounded- all at the same time. Our chat, though brief, was a keen peep into her goals and ambitions as she plans on challenging more as well as hopefully standing on the stage alongside her inspiration, icon SHINee who introduced her to K-pop through their legendary ‘Replay’ debut which has been talked about for many years now. And until that day, she promises to keep working hard.


Check out the full interview with BLACKSWAN member Fatou where she talks about her multilingual struggles as well as dishes on the cooking of Indian star Sriya Lenka.

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