EXCLUSIVE: Fatou reveals plans for BLACKSWAN comeback; Sriya Lenka and Gabi eyeing a debut

The BLACKSWAN leader and main rapper exclusively spoke to us about her next project.

Ayushi Agrawal
Written by Ayushi Agrawal , Journalist
Published on Oct 04, 2022 | 05:52 PM IST | 1M
Fatou: courtesy of DR Music Entertainment
BLACKSWAN member Fatou for her solo album 'PWAPF'

Fatou sat with us for an exclusive discussion about her solo debut and her future plans. As we went on to speak about her ongoing actions, she revealed that she was already working on ‘new stuff’ and while she agreed that a breather was indeed necessary, the fire inside her was uncontrollable and she couldn’t wait to get it all out. At the same time, she let it slip that a BLACKSWAN project was in the works. While Lumina (BLACKSWAN’s fans) have been aware that the members of the group have been working to release more music soon, they needed just that confirmation from one of them. Fatou laid it down for them that a BLACKSWAN album is in the making.

We prodded her for details and the 27-year-old pondered before sharing how it was a ‘performance-heavy’ song that the fans can look forward to. While it has been quite some time since BLACKSWAN made a comeback, they had to wait a little longer before seeing the girls on stage. Fatou ensured that it will be worth it, by revealing that it was her favourite song by the group so far and if their past releases are anything to go by, one can definitely expect a banger releasing soon.


This brings us to the question of Sriya Lenka’s debut. The youngest in her team, Sriya made Indian Hallyu fans fall into a frenzy of excitement as they met their country’s first K-pop idol. She grabbed headlines and was treated with a warm welcome upon her return. She is likely to debut with BLACKSWAN’s next comeback alongside fellow new member Gabi. Fans are hoping for their debuts in 2022 and Fatou’s revelations have made them even more hopeful.


Check out the full interview below:

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