EXCLUSIVE: BLACKSWAN’s Fatou on feeling ‘naked’ with PWAPF solo debut as first African K-pop idol

A rule-breaker in the true sense of breaking the shackles of expectations and rising above them, BLACKSWAN’s leader and main rapper Fatou went solo in August. Read our exclusive conversation below.

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Fatou: courtesy of DR Music Entertainment
Fatou: courtesy of DR Music Entertainment

It’s no small feat to enter an uncharted territory and make it your home. BLACKSWAN member Fatou did just that and with a gusto every aspiring teen would be vying for. She has fire within her and it does not look to be dying anytime soon. She’s proud to have come so far with her dream of pursuing music but she aims higher, much above where she currently stands with the support of the thousands of fans who have come to appreciate her efforts.

Fatou: courtesy of DR Music Entertainment

BLACKSWAN has experienced a mountain of changes ever since its formation under the name Rania in 2011. After multiple lineup shifts and the introduction of a ‘graduation’ system, fans have often wondered how the future will look like for the dynamic set-up. Fatou has challenged the norm, broken the chains and emerged a winner- all while being herself. Learning, unlearning, adapting has been her biggest source of development in the many years that she’s lived in a city where she first knew none and now finds peace in.


Fatou: courtesy of DR Music Entertainment

As we went about our conversation she was more than happy to talk about how her path has not been easy, especially as the first African to take on a crowd that may or may not have accepted her. From working as a model to now being the muse, each experience has been a stepping stone for the 27-year-old who hails from Belgium but was born in Senegal. Her solo debut comes with a mirror-facing look at herself and her many adventurous encounters. A single album called ‘PWAPF’, short for Psycho With A Pretty Face, she thinks of it as the best fitting title to an enamoring defiance to the society’s understanding of her, with deep set lyrics that define her journey. Laying herself bare through an art form she has pursued for years and admired for longer, she spoke about feeling ‘naked’ in the sense that she had finally revealed herself to the world.


As for her group activities she confirmed that a BLACKSWAN album is indeed coming and a ‘performance heavy’ track in the making. Calling it her “favourite song until now” she was tight-lipped about the rest of updates. During an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla about her challenging endeavors, she shed light on being the first from her group to make a solo debut with ‘PWAPF’ and why it was monumental.

Check out the full interview below.

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