SAG Awards 2024: Bradley Cooper Crashes Jessica Chastain's Interview, Says 'We're In The Same Kids Group!'

Bradley Cooper surprises Jessica Chastain during her SAG Awards interview, sharing a heartwarming moment, and further teasing his future projects.

Published on Feb 25, 2024  |  10:14 PM IST |  63.2K
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Bradley Cooper and Jessica Chastain (Image Courtesy: Getty Images)

The 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards witnessed a delightful moment when Bradley Cooper unexpectedly crashed Jessica Chastain's interview on the red carpet. What followed was a heartwarming exchange between the two accomplished actors, revealing a glimpse of their camaraderie amidst the glitz and glamor of the event, as Chastian claimed that they both fall in the same kid's group. 

Bradley Cooper crashed Jessica Chastain's interview 

As Elaine Welteroth conducted Jessica Chastain's interview for Netflix’s SAG Awards red carpet pre-show, Bradley Cooper made a spontaneous appearance, injecting warmth into the conversation. Chastain, a mother of two, humorously disclosed their shared connection, stating, "We’re in the same kids group." Cooper, father to 6-year-old daughter Lea De Seine, concurred, emphasizing their long-standing friendship as Chastain added, “We have, like, a PTA.”

Cooper was nominated for the outstanding performance by a male actor in a leading role category for delivering a commendable performance in Maestro. Jessica Chastain not only congratulated Cooper for his critically acclaimed performance but also revealed that she fed upon the scenes of Maestro on Cooper’s phone way before its release. “She’s been so supportive for years,” Cooper stated, with respect to his strong relationship with Jessica.

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Bradley Cooper in Maestro (IMDb)

Jessica Chastain interviewed Bradley Cooper about his upcoming feats 

The interaction took a professional turn as Welteroth asked Chastain to hijack the interview and ask questions, if any, to her friend, Cooper. Chastain went ahead and interrogated Cooper about his upcoming ventures which will follow his two major hits, A Star Is Born and Maestro. She questioned, “I don’t want to ask him anything personal. What’s next? Because you’ve already done A Star Is Born. You’ve done Maestro, two masterpieces. How do you follow that up?"

In response, Cooper playfully mentioned, “I’m going to rest a little and see what happens.” Chastain playfully nudged Cooper for insights into his future projects asking, “Come on, give me a better answer than that!” She coaxed him for more than just a vague answer, which forced the global superstar to reveal that he will “hopefully do a movie with Will Arnett” for his upcoming feat. 

Bradley Cooper and Jessica Chastain (IMDb)

The impromptu exchange between Bradley Cooper and Jessica Chastain at the SAG Awards 2024 not only showcased their professional camaraderie but also provided a glimpse into their genuine bond. 

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Bradley Cooper is rumored to be dating model Gigi Hadid.

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Bradley Cooper's breakthrough role was as a reckless teacher in the comedy film The Hangover (2009).

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