Kaitlyn Bristowe REACTS to dating rumors with Bachelorette co-star Zac Clark: ‘There was never an ounce of cheating happening’

Kaitlyn Bristowe, who confirmed her breakup with Jason Tartick, denied any infidelity claims after spending New Year's Eve with fellow Bachelor Nation star Zac Clark.

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Kaitlyn Bristowe (Instagram)

Bachelor Nation stars Kaitlyn Bristowe and Zac Clark were spotted looking cozy at her New Year's Eve party. Bristowe who confirmed her breakup with Jason Tartick in summer 2023 shut down any claims of infidelity after spending New Year's Eve with fellow Bachelor Nation star Zac Clark. On Monday, she took to her Instagram Stories to speak out after receiving backlash for the rumors.



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Kaitlyn Bristowe shuts down rumors of romance with Zac Clark

Kaitlyn Bristowe hosted a New Year’s Eve party at her Nashville home on Sunday, December 31, inviting fellow franchise alums Blake Moynes (Bachelorette seasons 16 and 17) and Zac Clark (Bachelorette season 16). After footage of Bristowe with her arm around Clark surfaced on social media, fans began to speculate whether the two were dating. Bristowe shared a cryptic quote on her Instagram amid the rumors. “The vibe for 2024 is messy authenticity over fake perfection,” the post read.

She then shared a series of statements. “You would think by now I’d be used to the hate. I’m not. Your words hurt. Your shaming hurts. Part of me feels a little sad and honestly embarrassed for you guys because this shouldn’t be how you spend day 1 of a new year,” Bristowe wrote. “You should not be this invested in someone you don’t even know or respect. It’s actually scary, and I know looking inward might be even scarier for you. But the bullying is next level. You are allowed to have opinions and feelings. But you don’t even know the truth, and your HATE should actually come with consequences. I truly worry about some of your mental health. It’s not OK. It’s. Not. Please. Please feel ashamed of yourselves for treating someone this way who you don’t know. I did not kill someone. I had a party with some of my favorite people. Shame. On. YOU. Not me.”


Bristowe continued, “I am not one-dimensional. What you see on people’s social media does not mean you know them. And this part might sting … but I would never, ever want to switch places with you. Your life seems so sad. So I will not take the opinions of someone who I would not trade places with.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe thanked her supporters 

Although Kaitlyn Bristowe never mentioned Zac Clark by name, she thanked her supporters and implied there was more to the story. She wrote, “Y’all wanna feel big round, and important but you are small-minded and sad. Thank you to everyone who is kind on my platform. Love you guys. You are the real ones. I wish I could just share my truth and tell you my side. It’s hard to bite my dang tongue sometimes. But you just go on and continue to have your own little made-up story in your head and believe what you want to believe. Social media la la land. Good lawwwddd.”


Bristowe then included a screenshot of a text that she received from an unnamed person, which read: “But like they don’t know the truth or any backstory. It’s wild.” 

Hours later, Bristowe commented on a post that included a video of her and Clark at the party and speculation about why Tartick unfollowed Bristowe and Clark on Instagram. She wrote, “Hi! Here to say that there was never an ounce of cheating happening and I will not stand for this rumor. Y’all are NASTY in here. Anywho. Swear on my dogs lives. No cheating went on. So we can just put that to rest. Thank you!! Happy new year everyone. Go donate some blood or somethin!”

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How old is Kaitlyn Bristowe?
Kaitlyn Bristowe is 38 years old.

Is Kaitlyn Bristowe married?
Kaitlyn Bristowe is not married.

When did Kaitlyn Bristowe got engaged to Jason Tartick?
Kaitlyn Bristowe got engaged to Jason Tartick in May 2021.

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