EXCLUSIVE: We're not here to pull each other down: Sameera Reddy on relationship with mom in law Manjri

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EXCLUSIVE: We're not here to pull each other down: Sameera Reddy on relationship with mom in law Manjri

The relationship between a mother and her daughter-in-law has always been depicted as strained and angsty in dramatic serials and shows. With hatred spewing, the son is often put in an awkward position of picking a side.
Breaking this very stereotype is Sameera Reddy and her mother-in-law Manjri Varde.

In a tete-a-tete with Pinkvilla, the mother and daughter-in-law duo talked about how their relationship with each other was never strained but always easy. The trick to it? "Give your kids freedom," Manjri says, revealing that she never interfered in her son's life and believes that parents ought to step back when their kids are 24 or even 18!

As for Sameera, the actor believes that the two formed a close bond and that only improved during the first lockdown when they were all holed up at home. "I think she and me had to really keep our cool," Reddy said. And in the situation, rather than taking things and turning them negative or have. power struggle, "We go with the thought process which is women supporting women. As a woman, if I have her back and she has mine, we can only uplift each other. We're not here to pull each other down."

As for parenting, both Manjri and Sameera had different takes when it came to how they perceived their roles as parents. While Manjri was the cool one, Sameera describes herself as the "helicopter mom". One thing both agree on though is ensuring they strike a balance between letting their kids have enough screen time and get some much-needed exercise.
Both Sameera and Manjri have even partnered with Voot Kids together that gives their kids a fun and interactive storytelling session when they are allowed their screen time, which of course is limited. According to them, this not only keeps the kids busy but also ensures their time is spent productively while their imagination is also enriched!

Do you share such a chill relationship with your mother-in-law? This duo is seriously redefining the relationship!

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