EXCLUSIVE: Sameera Reddy says, 'Not the industry but I abandoned them; couldn't keep up with the lifestyle'

Sameera Reddy opens up on her earlier statement wherein she said that she felt that the industry abandoned her after a point. Read her exclusive statement.
EXCLUSIVE: Sameera Reddy says, 'Not the industry but I abandoned them; couldn't keep up with the lifestyle'EXCLUSIVE: Sameera Reddy says, 'Not the industry but I abandoned them; couldn't keep up with the lifestyle'
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Sameera Reddy today is unabashed and raw. She has learnt immensely from her first pregnancy and has decided to not let anything get to her, result? Those amazing underwater shoot pictures which have been flooding our social media handles. That confidence and sheer beauty are infectious, but it was recently when Sameera revealed that she felt abandoned by the industry when she decided to take a sabbatical. Ask her about it and the actress hilariously admits that she thinks she was rude when she said that; instead, "I abandoned the industry", she said. 

"I would like to rephrase that [the statement]; it is rude to say that they abandoned me. I will take my statement back and say that in fact, I abandoned them. I feel somewhere there were two things that happened; firstly, I couldn't keep up with the lifestyle, parties, we all know how it is here... one whole group and people hanging in there and chaato that group only. It is a game. There are few people who have been still there for me like Shilpa Shetty and family, who still call and inquire. Others vanished but now everyone is back, now I am invited everywhere (laughs). I just don't go, I don't have the bandwidth for it. Plus I have the shiest husband and when I met him, he thought I was Lara Dutta," Sameera shared and added that she is making sure to keep Hans away from all this, so that he doesn't get stuck up here. 

Sameera also spoke on how it was only after Deepika Padukone opened up on depression is when people got sensitised to the term. Watch the whole interview right here and let us know what you think about it in the comments section below. 



Yeh ananaya, shanaya...etc...have oodles of X factor comment... is perfect. Good on you for summing it so well! Spot on!

Lol... She does not look like Lara Dutta anyways.

I still remember her from Aur aahista video ...no one else could leave that impact

Seriously the new crop of kids look underage to be in movies ..

Good god....stop whining! You were a nobody in the industry...your sisters were well known but can't recollect any work she's done. Go away and start afresh. You sound bitter!

What do kareena karan and co discuss in their groups? Outfits of the days,who is hotter wagera. It is a difficult place where bullies openly and proudly claim their prowess on talk shows. They make airport and gym looks to proclaim their popularity even without any movies

Bollywood is biased towards certain body types. The thin waif like women, get cast into similar roles with a dance number thrown in wearing skimpy outfits. They are not required to act. Their body is their only asset. There are so many of them now. Gymming is a serious business much before acting

Anyways she was never a good actress, she always worked in b grade movies, so good for her, stay happy and blessed.

Did she make an indirect reference to Karan and Co

I really like her. Glad she got away from this fake industry!

You didn’t have the X factor to be in the top, those who can’t make it, they disappear

Yes ananya pandey, shanaya kapoor, sonam, alia, suhana khan, Jahnvi kapoor have oodles of x factor right.

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