Student Announcer Accuses Matt Barnes of Threatening To ‘Slap the Sh-t out Of’ Him During High School Basketball Game

Matt Barnes is facing criticism on social media after being accused by student announcer of threatening him. The incident happened in a high school game where Matt Barnes was watching his son play.

Updated on Feb 06, 2024  |  11:21 AM IST |  38.6K
Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes is in the headlines and for all the wrong reasons. The former NBA champion with the Golden State Warriors allegedly argued with the officials and threatened a student announcer during his son's high school basketball game.

The high school basketball game was played between the Harvard-Westlake Wolverines and Crespi Carmelite Celts over the weekend. Barnes’ son plays for Derek Fisher-coached Crespi.

Barnes with his son

A video of Barnes with his hands on the shoulder went viral on social media immediately. However, there was not much context in the video.

Bill Simmons also posted on X and questioned why this story isn't getting more coverage.

The game received wide coverage from the Los Angeles Times. The publication published an article about it with a comment about Barnes.

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What did the article say?

The article stated that Barnes “started engaging student announcer Jake Lancer during the school's live stream broadcast by putting his hands on Lancer to get his attention, briefly delaying the game.”

Here are a few snippets from the show in which Lancer tells the viewers about Barnes, a spectator, yelling at the officials and getting a technical foul call. Lancer continues, "Actually, Matt Barnes kind of approached me and just put his hands on me. I mean, I'm doing fine. However. I'm not sure about it."


Jack Pollon, a freelance basketball writer, tweeted a quote from Lancer following the game.

The student announcer provided additional details about what Barnes said to him after he approached and touched his shoulder.

"Everyone, including myself, was staring at this guy on the court mid-game multiple times, screaming ridiculous things at the refs," Lancer said via Pollon.

He added, "He approached me and put his hand on my shoulder as soon as we established eye contact."


“He said, ‘What do you think you’re looking at?’ And I said, ‘You’re screaming, “You’re a (term for a female private part)” to the refs’ mid-game while I’m trying to announce, don’t touch me.’ And then he said ‘I’ll slap the s*** out of you,’” Lancer shared.

What did Barnes post?

Barnes later posted on X that he was talking to the referee. He said he wasn’t talking to the kid, presumably Lancer.

But it's evident from the video that Barnes and Lancer had a conversation while they were on the sidelines.

Furthermore, most of the background information that has been made available about that encounter suggests that Barnes tried to scare the student reporter, which, if accurate, is unacceptable for the school and the basketball team.

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