Beauty secrets: 5 lesser known benefits of Urad Dal or Black Gram for skin and hair 

Present in every kitchen, Urad Dal is packed with proteins and has numerous beauty benefits! Read on to find out. 

Updated on May 19, 2020  |  11:44 PM IST |  1.5M
Beauty secrets: 5 lesser known benefits of Urad Dal or Black Gram for skin and hair 
Beauty secrets: 5 lesser known benefits of Urad Dal or Black Gram for skin and hair 

Apart from being a food staple, excellent for nutrition and health, Urad Dal also does wonders for the skin and hair. This kitchen item is packed with minerals and nutrients that leave the skin soft and supple and hair thick and lustrous. It is not only beneficial when added to your diet, but is also known to be an effective skincare and hair care ingredient. 

Additionally, Urad Dal is easily available in almost every grocey store, cheap and a natural ingredient making it one of the best kitchen-foods for beauty. Read on to know the benefits of this Black Gram for the skin and hair. 

Urad Dal makes for an effective skin scrub. It helps in removing and eradicating the dirt and grime from the skin, making it soft and supple. It also helps get rid of the dead skin cells and leaves skin multiple shades lighter. 

Removes tan
The Black Gram when applied on the skin, helps in removing the tan caused by the sun. It has skin lightening properties that get rid of the tan when overexposed to the sun. 

Fights acne 
This dal is also known to be an excellent pore cleanser. It helps in removing excess oil from the skin and also treating acne at the same time. Urad dal is also known to have natural antiseptic properties that kill the bacteria which cause acne. 


Reduces dark spots
Constant application of urad dal on the skin can help in fading the dark spots,  acne marks and other blemishes. The Black Gram also helps in cell regeneration, making for the ultimate remedy for young and glowing skin. 

Combats frizzy hair 
This dal is also known to manage dry and brittle hair and turn it soft and manageable. This black dal is extremely rich in minerals and fatty acids that helps in restoring the lost sheen of the hair. It also gives the hair a shiny appearance and conditions, making it frizz free and manageable. 

How do you use your Urad dal? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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