90 Day Fiancé: Sarper Defends Faithfulness To Shekinah Despite His 'F—Boy' Reputation

Shekinah and Sarper are back to give their relationship another try in the latest season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Shekinah remains skeptical despite Sarper's history. Read for details.

Published on Jul 02, 2024  |  05:27 PM IST |  31.4K
Despite His 'F--k Boy' Reputation, Sarper Defends His Faithfulness To Shekinah
Sarper and Shekinah (Instagram/shekinah.garner)

In the latest season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Shekinah and Sarper are back to give their relationship another shot. On the season premiere that aired Monday, July 1, Shekinah shared her plans to move to Turkey for the second time to live with Sarper, despite having returned to the U.S. just three months earlier. Their time apart has left Shekinah uneasy about Sarper’s actions due to his notorious "f—boy" reputation.

Trust issues and communication struggles

Shekinah's concerns about Sarper’s behavior are significant, especially given his defensive reactions when questioned about his whereabouts. She revealed that when she asks Sarper where he is or what he's doing, he gets so defensive, so upset. Sarper's inconsistent behavior, which includes breaking up and reconciling within minutes, adds to her worries. 

At 40, Sarper has never been in a serious relationship, and Shekinah is unsure if he can change, despite his claims of better communication "in person." She has been trying to guide him on how to maintain a relationship, noting that she has been “doing a lot of hand-holding.”

Shekinah remains skeptical despite Sarper's history, which includes the claim of having slept with over 2,500 women. Even 250 seemed like a lot, so initially she assumed it was a typo, but Sarper confirmed the unbelievable number. In spite of his claims to be "110% faithful," he criticized Shekinah for being overly possessive, saying, "[You] are kind of a bitch if I don't text you back for a while."


Relationship rules

The dynamics of the couple's relationship have led Sarper, a former successful personal trainer, to face financial issues. Due to Shekinah's insistence that he stop training female clients, he no longer makes much money and has savings. "I was doing well financially as a personal trainer before Shekinah," said Sarper, but her insistence on keeping him away from female clients reduced his income by 90%.

Sarper and Shekinah (PC: Instagram/shekinah.garner)

Sarper also put restrictions on Shekinah, like not going to the "L.A. scene" because there was a chance she might end up with other men. "Going out to events and stuff has been an issue for us, so I stopped doing it," Shekinah said, revealing that Sarper has made repeated attempts to end their relationship. Despite these difficulties, they frequently work out and have intimate times together, which highlights their passionate but complex relationship.

Shekinah Garner criticized Sarper for his previous actions, praising his honesty but condemning his actions as bad choices. The complex bond between Sarper and Shekinah continues to grow, showing their efforts to move past their turbulent past to build a prosperous future together.


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