Wendy Williams Wants To Return To TV? Here's What Her Family Had To Say

Wendy Williams is eager to return to television after her treatment program, and her family will support her through anything “that makes her happy” as long as she’s healthy.

Published on Feb 22, 2024  |  11:29 PM IST |  36.7K
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The former talk show host Wendy Williams wants to return to television when her treatment program for her cognitive issues is over. Her family is really supportive of her decision and says that as long as she’s healthy, they will support anything that makes her happy. The new Lifetime documentary Where is Wendy Williams? will address all these issues and more.

What did Wendy Williams’ family say about her condition? 

Where is Wendy Williams? is a documentary about the former talk show host’s life and current condition. Before the release, Williams’ niece, Alex Finnie, came to the Good Morning America show and talked about her aunt’s health and her plans to return to her career. 

Finnie confirmed that Williams wants to return to screen despite her struggles with cognitive functioning, alcohol use, and conservatorship. She also said that her aunt is currently residing in a treatment facility, the location of which is not known to her family.  

"I know in talking with her, she does hope to resume a career. And my hope to her is that she does whatever she wants to do that makes her happy. And that stays in the bounds of keeping her healthy,” Alex said about her aunt’s potential return to screen.


Wendy has had a lot of struggles over the years, which included the time she collapsed while on air and the time she admitted to living a sober life after a battle with cocaine use. She has also had trouble with alcohol usage in the past. According to Alex, "In terms of the alcohol, I don't want to categorize her because I'm not a medical professional. But what I can say is that my aunt has had some unhealthy habits when it comes to alcohol."

Wendy also went through some financial trouble, and it was speculated that her son Kevin Jr. was probably the one taking her money. Kevin Jr. vehemently denies these accusations in the documentary. Alex also confirmed that she has not seen any family members trying to take advantage of her own money. 

Has Wendy’s condition gotten better? 

The 59-year-old Wendy Williams last appeared on The Wendy Williams Show in July of 2021 due to her multiple health issues, including lymphedema and Graves’ Disease. The show was canceled in 2022. Alex said that Wendy was also the executive producer of the upcoming documentary and was taking ownership of her own story. 

Alex also said that she noticed the changes in her aunt’s behavior “right off the bat” when she saw her. The cognitive changes were so visible to her that “She didn’t have to say one thing. I knew that every cylinder is not firing the way it should,” said Alex. 

In April of 2023, Williams entered a treatment facility for her cognitive issues, and she was also appointed a legal guardian by the court. Alex Finnie told PEOPLE they have seen a difference in her aunt’s condition. "She sounds really great. To hear my aunt now in terms of just how clear she is, just how focused she is on the importance of family and reality in terms of facing and understanding where she's at physically and mentally and emotionally, it is like a 180," Alex confirmed. 

Williams’ sister, Wanda Finnie, also confirmed this and said, "I don't know what is working, but I do know that when she did reach out to me, it was a person who is remarkably different than what we see in that documentary.” This was especially great news for them when they were not sure whether Wendy’s condition would ever get better. "Everybody in this family sat on pins and needles every single night with their cell phones right next to the bed,” Wanda opened up to PEOPLE about how they feared a call to tell them that Wendy was not with them anymore. 


Alex said that she is also really proud of her aunt for taking control of the narrative of her life and making her voice heard. “For her to actually put her voice in here and take ownership of what's happened, where she's at present-day... I think it's powerful,” she said. The first episode of the Lifetime documentary Where is Wendy Williams? will be released on 24th February, Saturday while the second and final episode will come out the following day.

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