Who Is Wendy Williams' Niece Alex Finnie? Find Out As She Weighs In On 'Wall' of Communication Between Them

Wendy Williams’ niece Alex Finnie appeared on The View and spoke about how her family has very limited contact with her aunt while she is undergoing treatment in a secure facility.

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Wendy Williams’ Niece Alex Finnie Talks About
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Ahead of the Saturday release of the Lifetime documentary, Where is Wendy Williams? the former host’s niece came on The View to promote it and talk about how the family has had extremely limited contact with her ever since she entered a treatment facility, the location of which is also unknown to her family.

What did Alex Finnie say about their contact with Wendy? 

“All of a sudden there was just this wall that went down and the family was blocked out. It was April of 2022 and the contact from that point on has been so limited,” Alex talked about what happened after Wendy joined the treatment program for her cognitive issues. 

The only way the family remains in contact with Williams is when she herself calls them from a blocked number. This means that if any one of them somehow misses her call, they cannot call her back on the number. Alex talked about how they could not talk to Wendy during holidays, birthdays, and even illnesses. “There was a period when my grandfather was in the hospital — there was no way to contact her and let her know what was going on with her 93-year-old father,” Alex recalled. 



Finnie said that Wendy called her this week from a blocked number but she missed it because she was out getting dinner. But unfortunately she cannot call back her aunt on the number since it’s blocked. She also said that the last time she talked to her aunt, the conversation lasted well over two and a half hours. “I hadn’t heard from her in months…and I felt that if (we) got off the phone I didn’t know when I’d hear from her again,” she said. She also recalled that one of their other conversations lasted over four hours.

How is Wendy’s Health? 

When asked about how Wendy sounded, Alex said that she sounded a lot better and excited too. “She sounds really good. I haven’t seen her, but we were able to have a full conversation. She’s excited about her future, she talks about the possibility of getting back to work, but like I always remind her first and foremost is your health,” Alex said that she always reminds her aunt that her health comes first and if she is healthy then she can do whatever she wants that makes her happy. 

Williams’ medical team announced on Thursday that she has been diagnosed with Primary Progressive Aphasia and Frontotemporal Dementia. In their statement, her team pointed out that she is doing a lot of things by herself and, “Most importantly she maintains her trademark sense of humor and is receiving the care she requires to make sure she is protected and that her needs are addressed. She is appreciative of the many kind thoughts and good wishes being sent her way.” 

The two-part Lifetime documentary - Where is Wendy Williams? comes out on Saturday 24th February with the second episode releasing on the following day. When asked about why Williams chose to go public with her story as she is the executive producer of the documentary, Alex said that it’s because she “wanted to control the narrative of her story.” She also said about her aunt, “She has never shied away from saying it like she means it. Her ultimate decision was that ‘Everyone’s telling my story, and no matter how painful it is I want to tell it.’ ”

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