'There's Been A Huge Void': Producer Of Wendy Williams Show Talk About Former Host's Hope For Return To TV

The Wendy Williams Show producer revealed that there are no chances for the TV host to return amidst her health issues. Williams was diagnosed with dementia earlier this month.

Published on Feb 25, 2024  |  12:57 AM IST |  53.5K
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The Wendy Williams Show producer revealed that there are no chances that Williams could return to TV. The producer, Suzanne Bass, shared the following after Wendy was diagnosed with dementia and aphasia on Thursday.

In a conversation with People Magazine, Bass shared that the viewers keep asking her if Wendy will ever be back on screen, but it hurts her to say no to all those fans. 

Suzanne Bass's Comments On Wendy Williams' Return To TV

Suzanne Bass revealed in the conversation, "Since Wendy's been off the air, there's been a huge void in both daytime TV and pop culture." She further said, "I think there's always been a glimmer of hope for a comeback for her, but since this diagnosis, that seems impossible. It makes me very sad."

The producer continued, "I do know it takes time to diagnose conditions like this. I'm saddened by it all. Because people are constantly saying, 'Wouldn't it be great if Wendy makes a comeback?' I'm more sad about her health, not that she can't make a comeback. To have this sort of diagnosis, there's some finality to it."


Bass went on to confess that Wendy Williams had to struggle to get her thoughts together during the last few episodes of the show. She said, "You can go back and see the show, and there's really long periods of quietness where she's not speaking. And you're thinking, 'What's happening? There were early signs [of something wrong] where you're grasping for words, having a hard time collecting your thoughts, and remembering things. Maybe that's what was happening back then.'"



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Docu-Series On Wendy Williams

A docu-series based on the life of Wendy Williams premiered on Saturday. The series Where Is Wendy Williams? showcases the struggles of the former TV host after she was caught drinking too much. Along with alcohol addiction, Williams is also battling Graves’ disease, which caused the former presenter’s eyes to bulge out and her feet to swell up.

Wendy is currently admitted to the cognitive issues facility, where she is undergoing treatment. The care team of Williams revealed on Thursday that the talk show host is dealing with dementia and aphasia. 


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What do people ask about Wendy Williams?

How old is Wendy Williams?
Wendy Williams is 59 years old.

Was Wendy Williams married?
Yes. Wendy Williams was married to Kevin Hunter.

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