‘This System Is Broken’: Wendy Williams Family Opens Up About Her Legal Guardianship

The family of former TV host Wendy Williams disclosed information regarding her legal guardianship, saying that after Williams was assigned one, her condition deteriorated.

Published on Feb 23, 2024  |  01:13 AM IST |  68.1K
Wendy Williams via IMDB

Wendy Williams' family shares about the former TV host's legal guardianship, which was appointed to her in 2022. The members of Wendy's family disclosed that though the guardian was managing the finances as well as the health, Williams' condition still deteriorated post-September 2022, after which she had to admit herself to a cognitive center. The place is, however, not named by anyone in her close circle. 

The family also said that the legal guardian is the only person in contact with Williams. While Wendy is able to call her family, it is not the other way around. In a conversation with People Magazine, Wendy's sister shared, "How did she go from this aunt or sister that we love and is healthy one minute to this person who's in and out of the hospital?"

She further added, "How is that system better than the system the family could put in place? I don't know. I do know that this system is broken. I hope that at some point, Wendy becomes strong enough where she can speak on her own behalf."



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What Does Executive Producer Mark Ford Have To Say About The Legal Guardianship?

Mark Ford is an executive producer of the Lifetime documentary series Where Is Wendy Williams? shared his thoughts about the whole legal guardianship situation. Talking to People, Ford said, "I think the film is a great illustration of what, in this one particular case, life looked like for someone that was under a guardianship."


He added, "Just because you're under a guardianship doesn't mean that you're getting 24/7 care, and I think just leaving someone in their apartment isn't care. When we got to know Wendy's family, it was clear to us this was a nice family, and the question remained in our minds: Why is the family not able to be a part of Wendy's life? Why is the family not able to serve as her guardian? I still don't fully have those answers."

Mark Ford also revealed that he wished to talk to Wendy's guardian about why basic things are not available in Williams' apartment. For example, food. 

What Happened To Wendy Williams?

Wendy Williams, who is a famous TV personality, was caught consuming too much alcohol in 2022. Apart from the addiction, Williams was suffering from Graves' disease, which causes the eyes to bulge out and the feet to swell up. Since April of last year, the TV host has been in the cognitive facility for treatments. Wendy's family members have confirmed that she is doing better in terms of health.


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What do people ask about Wendy Williams?

How old is Wendy Williams?
Wendy Williams is 59 years old.

What condition is Wendy Williams suffering from?
Wendy Williams is suffering from Graves' disease.

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