Is Wendy Williams’ Condition Improving? Brother Gives Latest Health Updates

Wendy Williams’ brother shared an update on the former TV host’s health. He revealed that Williams is doing better than what was shown in her docu-series.

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Wendy Williams’ brother shared an update on the TV presenter’s health. Tommy Williams Jr. revealed that after her admission to the treatment facility, there was a "substantial amount of improvement.” Her brother mentioned that whatever people have seen in the Lifetime docu-series was the past, and she has been showing improvement ever since. He assures that the Wendy in the show and Wendy now are quite different from each other. Williams Jr., in an interview with an entertainment portal, said, “When I speak to Wendy, she sounds fine. Wendy has improved.” He further added, “I know my sister from where she was to where she is now, and she has a substantial amount of improvement. It’s dialogue and conversation, topics, content, speech patterns, everything.”

Two days prior to the documentary's premiere, Sabrina Morissey, Williams' temporary guardian, filed a lawsuit against Lifetime's parent company. Neither Morissey nor any other member of Williams' team provided a rationale for the case to be filed. After the lawsuit was sealed, there were speculations that Morrisey was attempting to obtain a temporary restraining order.

What Is The Docu-Series About?

The documentary about the life of Wendy Williams premiered on the 24th and 25th of February on the Lifetime app. The show gave a sneak peek into the former TV host’s life after she disappeared from the television space in 2021. Williams was caught up in alcohol addiction and was suffering from Graves’ disease. The Where Is Wendy Williams series also introduced her family members to share their thoughts. Wendy’s niece said, "We've all seen the images over the last few months—and, really, a few years—of what has seemed like a spiral for my aunt." She further added, "It was shocking and heartbreaking to see her in this state." Her son, Hunter Jr., too, explained that he denied his mother working amidst the health issues. He said,  "I said [to the producers], 'No, she's not coming back up because she needs to get better.' I made sure that business was always on the back burner and that health was the number one priority."



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Will Wendy Williams Return To TV?

In the documentary, Wendy Williams expressed her wish to return to TV once she gets done with the treatment at the cognitive issues facility. The family members are quite ecstatic about the news, as they said that they would support Wendy in anything that makes her happy and where she feels healthy. Earlier this month, the TV presenter was diagnosed with dementia and aphasia. Williams was also battling brain issues, which were caused of too much drinking. The TV talk show host first learned of her brain damage in 2019. 


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What do people ask about Wendy Williams?

How old is Wendy Williams?
Wendy Williams is 59 years old.

Who is Wendy Williams' ex-husband?
Wendy Williams was married to Kevin Hunter.

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