Are you a fan of Bollywood films? GUESS these iconic characters and movies

Amid Coronavirus lockdown, we all are stuck at home and need something to do. Here’s a little game. If you are a fan of Bollywood films, guess these iconic movies and characters.
News,guess who,Bollywood quizAre you a fan of Bollywood films? GUESS these iconic characters and movies
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Amid the COVID 19 or Coronavirus pandemic, we all are stuck at home and have nowhere to go to. No new films are releasing except for those on OTT platforms and no TV shows are going on air. Amid this, for all those Bollywood and filmy buffs who are craving for some fun from the movies, we bring forth an interesting and fun game to pass time. With so much negativity around, surely it would help you get respite and also have fun with your friends. 

So, get your thinking caps out and get set to guess the characters and movies that are iconic. Amid the world battling COVID 19, it’s time to take a break from all the negativity around and play a fun game. All you need to do is look at the graphic below and follow the clue as per the number of the photo of a character from a film. And voila! Just guess the name of the film and character and mention it in the comments down below. 

Doesn’t it look like fun? Surely, it will get even more amazing if you get all your near and dear ones to play with you and keep a score. So, channel your inner Bollywood buff and get going. Guess the iconic characters from films that are unforgettable and prove that you’re a true blue cinema lover!

Clue No 1

A film that was fun, light romantic-comedy, it starred two of the extremely popular stars of generation Y back then. The leading lady is also known as the dimpled beauty of Bollywood and she married someone outside India. It has been a while since we saw her on-screen, but in this film, she plays a feisty radio jockey who falls in love with a commitment-phobic guy who doesn’t want her to have his baby. The name of the film is a greeting in Hindi and Urdu for the word ‘Hello.’ Guess this fun film and leading female character!

Clue No 2

Known to be one of the most beautiful in the world, she starred in a franchise film that revolved around a thief. Even though she was sent to spy on the thief that the police couldn’t catch, she ended up falling in love with him and betrayed the police cop who sent her. Her sexy and sultry avatar was evident in the film for the first time and fans loved it. Her sizzling chemistry with the thief also became the talk of the town. Go ahead and guess the film and character!

Clue No 3

The film was one of the most endearing movies that released that year under one of the leading production house banners in the country. The female lead of the film wants to get into the wedding planning business. But, when a guy wants to partner with her, she gets more confident and starts her business with him. However, things take a bad turn when she falls in love with her business partner and breaks one of her own rules of not falling in love with a business partner. The film marked the debut of one of the leading superstars in the country today. Go ahead and guess the character and film!

Clue No 4

The film didn’t do well at the box office but the leading lady was loved in one of the recreated Punjabi songs. The film was the story of time travel and how the female lead gets entangled with a guy who is more focussed on his career than her. The most popular song from this film is about sunglasses and is a remake of an old hit. And it is surely extremely easy to guess from the photo of the female character. Go ahead and guess!

Clue No 5 

The film is a remake of an old Hit film that was well known for its music. The remake film starred two young stars and the song in the rain got extremely popular. The leading lady of the film was an aspiring singer who gets spotted by a drunk rockstar who decides to train her and help her rise to fame. But, eventually when she does become famous, he gets jealous of her and their love story falls apart. The film has a tragic ending and it is a love story with some great music. Go ahead and guess the song!

Clue No 6

The film is one of the old classics and it is about a person who lifts people’s luggage when they are travelling. It starred one of the tallest actors in Bollywood who has worked in the industry for the longest time since his debut back in 1969 with a film in which he was barely recognized. The graphic itself is pretty clear and will help you to guess the film in a jiffy. However, another hint we can give you is that the leading actor suffered an almost fatal injury while shooting the film. Go ahead and guess the movie and character! 

Clue No 7

The film is based on the story of a South Indian actress noted for her erotic roles in films. The leading lady for the first time took up a bold character like this in her career. For the role, the actress put on weight as well and managed to nail it like a pro. This film is one of the milestones in her career and it is the real-life story of a sultry diva down South. Go Ahead and Guess the character and film!

Clue No 8

The film is a one-sided love story of a man who falls in love with his best friend but she doesn’t love him back. When his true love marries someone else, the character of the film bumps into another woman who is older than him and is a poetess. They get involved in an affair that later develops into one-sided love from the woman’s side. However, when the leading man’s true love and best friend comes to meet both of them, the poetess breaks up with him and asks him to go after his true love. The film has a tragic end but music is one of the biggest USPs of the film. Go ahead and guess the leading male character and the film!

Anonymous 5 months ago

this was extremly easy. Can we have some difficult ones? I love these but lets make it hard.

Anonymous 5 months ago


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