Guess Who: This leading A list actor's lewd messages to an actress might be out in the media soon

In the wake of the Me Too movement, an actress received a few sexual messages from a leading hero. We have all the deets, but could you figure out who we're talking about?
Guess Who: This leading A list actor's lewd messages to an actress might be out in the media soonGuess Who: This leading A list actor's lewd messages to an actress might be out in the media soon
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Around this time last year, when the Me Too campaign started in India, several Bollywood insiders were named and shamed for making sexual moves at aspiring actors and co-workers. Soon enough, the movement that began on a healthy note was derailed. Nothing happened on the front with many people involved and named in the campaign still enjoying good work prospects. A lot of people debated about how it was majorly because none of the bigwigs who indulge in such behaviour were called out by the media or the victims.

That might change now. We hear that a leading A-list actor, who headlines several big projects currently, might be one of the first stalwarts to be named now. Our little birdie overheard a conversation where an actress, who might not be a top star but has done enough good work in the business, might be taking the first step of naming this action star. Apparently, there has been an exchange of texts between the two actors, where the male star reportedly propositioned and made lewd sexual advances at the heroine. The actress, on understanding his intentions, asked him to back off. When she gave a stern reply in return, the actor immediately started apologising and asked her to forget this happened.

But the lady, who's also a strong personality herself, doesn't want to take it lying down. She has all the proof of the text messages shared between her and the hero, and plans to come out in the media and talks about it all. She doesn't fear the consequences and even her closest friends from the industry, who know of what conspired, have been pushing her to take this step. On the other hand, the ones from the star's group have been laughing at him for risking his career with the texts. Watch this space to find out what happens next. The drama will soon unfold. Could you guess who we're talking about?


Grandpa Akshay and Kiara, he is gawar and a pervert.

I believe this is Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani. I believe its time he gets exposed its because of such people that Me Too movement started. He is using his stardom to help him get physical pleasure outside marriage in return for roles in the films he is working on.

"who headlines several big projects currently". Nobody else has a line up as Akshay. So many big projects he has


If both are single it’s not quite a me too case! He wanted intimacy she denied & he apologized and back off ! End of story! Apparently he knew no means no. So what’s the big deal?!

Think its Ajay Devgan. It's about time as well..never understood why Kajol tolerated his philandering ways all these years!!

Whoever it is going to be doesn't really matter. He is going to go scot free and the poor women's career will be over. Not to forget the man's crazy fans who will stoop at the lowest level and troll the woman.

Ajay Devgan?

Akshay or Salman

Why do such blinds come each time Akshay has a film up for release?

Aamir and Fatima

Looks like a fake blind to target Akshay films. If he apolgized and backed off, then what is the issue? Are people going to stop flirting around now? So many actresses keep flirting around stars too

Looks like a Fake blind aiming to hurt Akshay's film. Flirting is not a crime. If the guy apologized n backed off after the rejection, where is even the issue? It is an issue only if the guy did not stop after her warning.

Akshay or Ajay

It could be Ranbir Kapoor.

akshay kumar and radhika apte

It's not a Khan, they always say superstar, worldwide star kind of thing, bigger than just actors. Must be Akshay.

Hrithik and Yami? It is obvious that something happened between these two

In HR case, he is one who receives flirty messages from girls. Not other way round. Uske saath ulta hi hota rehta hai LMAO

haan biwi bhag jaati hai kisi aur ke saath. ladkiyan line marti hai. Ajeeb case hai uska hehehe

Akshay or Salman

Akshay. It says someone who headlines big projects. Akshay is only one with big projects lineup

I did not like Ileana so much before but man i will be a big fan of her if she really has guts to expose Akshay kumar

she's playing games and will not expose...for few roles in movies

Sorry fellows it's not akshay kumar.

It's Salman and sonakshi sinha

Salman Khan and Jaquiline

harsh kapoor and sobhita dhulipala

Akshay Kumar
Ileana d'cruz

Go, ileana! She never bowed down to powerful south actors in her prime and now she's about to expose Akshay. I respected her a lot before. I respect her even more now.

Omg Akshay will finally be busted.. It mentions strong girl - could be nimrat Kaur, swara Bhaskar, Kiara advani(even if she's not particularly known to be strong), kriti sanon.. Go for it girl, whoever you are..

I know it's not Akshay Kumar. But it'll be Hritik Roshan this year

A-list actor, who headlines several big projects currently, means only Akshay

Yes because the star ‘Hrithik Roshan’ has made headlines with his projects announcement right?

that's not what headlines several projects is obviously akshay..he is the only one headlining several projects....

I know it is Hrithik Roshan

Who could it be


Akshay Kumar and Kriti Sanon??

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