OpenAI announces users can use ChatGPT without creating account; highlights certain restrictions

According to OpenAI, users will no longer need to create an account to use ChatGPT. There are a few things you should be aware of before using the AI chatbot without logging in.

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Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
Key Highlight
  • OpenAI has announced that users can now use ChatGPT without creating an account
  • ChatGPT which was launched in 2022 has grown significantly and is used by millions of users

Since its launch in 2022, ChatGPT has grown significantly and has been used by millions of users worldwide. Many people now incorporate AI technology into their daily lives after it first became renowned for its responses that seemed human. OpenAI has now chosen to make the tool open to everyone, even those without an account to use the AI chatbot, more than a year after it was first introduced.

OpenAI now allows you to use ChatGPT with an account

Up until now, making an account was required to communicate with ChatGPT. However, this is no longer the case, and you can use the AI tool without difficulty or concern about making an account. But there's more of a catch here. OpenAI announced in a blog post that ChatGPT users no longer need to have an account.

The post read, "It's core to our mission to make tools like ChatGPT broadly available so that people can experience the benefits of AI. More than 100 million people across 185 countries use ChatGPT weekly to learn something new, find creative inspiration, and get answers to their questions. Starting today, you can use ChatGPT instantly, without needing to sign up."

Additionally, the company stated that they plan to progressively roll out this capability to make the AI tool 'accessible to anyone curious about its capabilities'. It's unclear which areas will be able to utilize ChatGPT without an account initially.


That being said, OpenAI also mentioned in their blog post that information shared with ChatGPT can still be used by the firm to train its AI technology, even if you choose not to register an account. You can naturally expect your data to be kept private if you choose not to participate in this.

What happens if you use ChatGPT without registering?

Firstly, if you interact with the AI tool without first signing up, your discussions will not be saved or shared. This implies that you won't be able to recover your chats once you close the ChatGPT website. Instead, they will be lost. Additionally, you are unable to share your talks.

Additionally, only those with accounts will be able to access services like voice conversations and personalized instructions. Additionally, users of ChatGPT without an account would have "slightly more restrictive content policies," according to a TechCrunch article. OpenAI doesn't go into great detail about these stringent guidelines, though.

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When was ChatGPT launched?
ChatGPT was launched on November 30, 2022.

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