Choi Woo Shik and Son Suk Ku starrer A Killer Paradox ranks 4th globally; tops charts in 11 countries

A Killer Paradox is a thriller that was just launched on Netflix and quickly rose to become the fourth most popular series internationally, as well as the number one show in 11 countries.

Published on Feb 12, 2024  |  05:26 PM IST |  68.3K
A Killer paradox: courtesy of Netflix
Key Highlight
  • Choi Woo Shik shocked netizens with his steamy intimate scenes in A Killer Paradox
  • Recently Son Suk Ku established his own production company Stannum

On February 11th, Choi Woo Shik and Son Suk Ku’s series, A Killer Paradox, made quite an impact by securing a total of 354 points. This impressive performance landed it in the fourth position among all the TV shows on Netflix. This ranking was reported by FlixPatrol, an online content service ranking site, on February 12.

A Killer Paradox is earning the viewers' interest

A Killer Paradox has become a sensation, securing the top spot in 11 different countries across the globe, including South Korea, Bangladesh, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. This gripping series is based on the popular webtoon by writer Kkomabi and revolves around an ordinary man who unintentionally becomes a murderer, with a relentless detective hot on his trail. Directed by the talented Lee Chang Hee, known for his exceptional works like Strangers from Hell and The Vanished Night, the show has received high praise for its engaging Korean thriller storyline, unique world-building, intriguing characters, and the imaginative touch of comedy.

Choi Woo Sik stars as Lee Tang, a college student who discovers his ability to detect evil after an accidental killing. Meanwhile, Son Suk Ku portrays Detective Jang Nan Gam, known for his exceptional intuition and instincts. Lee Hee Jun takes on the role of the mysterious pursuer Songchon, adding to the show's impressive acting dynamics. A Killer Paradox explores deep moral dilemmas, making viewers contemplate the ethics of identifying and eliminating deserving criminals. While it provokes thought, some may feel that it lacks the satisfaction of a traditional dark hero story, resulting in differing opinions on its portrayal of crime and murder.


More about Choi Woo Shik and Son Suk Ku

Choi Woo Shik, a Korean-Canadian actor, ventured into full-time acting, landing supporting roles in television series like Rooftop Prince and Special Affairs Team TEN. His breakthrough came in 2014 when he starred in the indie film Set Me Free, earning him the Actor of the Year award at the Busan International Film Festival. Following this success, he headlined the romantic comedy cable series Hogu's Love.

He garnered global attention for his role in the blockbuster Train to Busan and Okja. He showcased his versatility by portraying the enigmatic assassin Nobleman in The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion is a departure from his previous cheerful roles. His acclaim soared internationally with his leading role in Bong Joon Ho's acclaimed film Parasite, which earned South Korea an entry for the International Feature Film category at the 92nd Academy Awards. He also appeared in Day 6's music videos for Congratulations and You Were Beautiful.

While, Son Suk Ku is a multifaceted artist known for his work in theater, television, and film, as well as his roles as an art director and short film director. In 2014, he ventured into art direction and stage acting, notably contributing to the rewriting of scripts for the fifth stage play Love is Burning, adapted from Sam Shepard's Fool for Love. Subsequently, he made his television debut in Netflix's second season of Sense8 in 2017. His directorial debut came with a segment of the anthology film Unframed released in 2021. Known for his villainous portrayal in the 2022 sequel The Roundup of The Outlaws, Son Suk Ku received acclaim, winning the Best New Actor award at the 42nd Korean Association of Film Critic Awards and the Best Actor award at the 2022 Brand of The Year Awards. In 2023, following the expiration of his exclusive contract with SBD Entertainment, he parted ways with the company. In 2024, he co-founded the production company Stannum Co., Ltd.

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