Doctor Slump Ep 9-10 Review: Park Hyung Sik-Park Shin Hye's delightful twist delivers emotional rollercoaster

Episodes 9 and 10 of Doctor Slump brings a delightful twist, offering an emotional rollercoaster to viewers as Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye's love story blooms amid challenging situation. Read on.

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Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye in Doctor Slump; Image Courtesy: JTBC
Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye in Doctor Slump; Image Courtesy: JTBC
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  • Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye's Doctor Slup unveils episode 9 and 10
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Drama Name: Doctor Slump

Premiere Date: January 27, 2024

Cast: Park Hyung Sik, Park Shin Hye, Yoon Bak, Kong Seong Ha

Director: Oh Hyun Jong

Writer: Baek Sun Woo

No. of episodes: 16

Genre: Medical, Romance

Language: Korean

Where to watch: JTBC, Netflix

Synopsis of Doctor Slump

Doctor Slump is a medical romantic-comedy drama that follows the story of Nam Ha Neul (Park Shin Hye) and Yeo Jeong Woo (Park Hyung Sik), former high school rivals who become doctors but face setbacks in their careers. Ha Neul, a once-promising anesthesiologist, suffers burnout and quits after mistreatment by a medical professor. Jeong Woo, a popular plastic surgeon, faces a career crisis due to a medical accident. Forced to leave their jobs, they end up living together at Ha Neul's house, leading to unexpected encounters and a journey from hate to love. Alongside them are Bin Dae Yeong (Yoon Park), Jeong Woo's rival surgeon, and Lee Hong Ran (Gong Seong Ha), Ha Neul's supportive best friend. Their lives intertwine as they navigate personal and professional challenges, discovering the true meaning of friendship, love, and resilience in the face of adversity.


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Episode 9

Episode 9 of Doctor Slump unveils the heartbreaking backstory of Nam Ha Neul's mistreatment at her previous workplace, orchestrated by the manipulative Kyung Min. The past betrayal and current struggles lead to Ha Neul's decision to break up with Jeong Woo to spare him pain. However, Jeong Woo, unaware of the real reason, is determined to wait for her. The narrative takes a poignant turn as Ha Neul's family tries to mend her relationship with her mother, bringing forth emotional reconciliations. Meanwhile, Jeong Woo grapples with PTSD, affecting his surgical performance. The revelation reaches Ha Neul through Hong Ran, setting the stage for a tense operation with Ha Neul as his anesthesiologist. The episode masterfully blends heart-wrenching moments with comedic relief, creating an engaging emotional rollercoaster for viewers.

Episode 10

In Episode 10 of Doctor Slump, Jeong Woo faces his fears during surgery with Ha Neul's unexpected support. However, their argument ensues when he expresses his discomfort. A chance encounter with their high school teacher brings back memories of their competitive past. Jeong Woo confronts Ha Neul about her conflicting actions, while Hong Ran helps out Dae Young with childcare. Jeong Woo confronts Kyung Min about Ha Neul, leading to a physical altercation. Later, Ha Neul tends to Jeong Eoo's wounds, and they share a heartfelt moment, expressing their mutual longing. They decide to work together, especially after learning about their teacher's health condition. The episode concludes with a successful surgery and a tender moment between Jeong Woo and Ha Neul as the two share a kiss, hinting at a rekindled romance.

Our reviews of episodes 9 and 10 of Doctor Slump

Episodes 9 and 10 of Doctor Slump bring a mix of heartwarming moments and intense confrontations, making the story even more interesting. The focus is on the growing relationship between Ha Neul and Wol Seon, backed by the strong support of Ha Neul's family. This family unity becomes a source of strength for Ha Neul, who faces challenges both in her professional and personal life.

A significant revelation unfolds about Ha Neul's past struggles and mistreatment at her previous workplace. This sheds light on the reasons behind her inner turmoil. The character Kyung Min takes center stage as a manipulative antagonist, exploiting the vulnerable for personal gain. His eventual downfall provides a satisfying resolution to his deceitful actions, showcasing the show's adept handling of complex characters.


The resolution of misunderstandings between Jeong Woo, Ha Neul, and Kyung Min brings clarity to their relationships. Jeong Woo's unwavering sincerity towards Ha Neul becomes more evident, and Kyung Min faces the consequences of his actions, offering a cathartic moment for viewers.

Adding a touch of lightness to the narrative, Hong Ran and Dae Young bring moments of humor and warmth through their charming interactions. This provides a refreshing break from the more intense parts of the story.

Notably, the dynamic between Ha Neul and Jeong Woo takes center stage as they navigate the ups and downs of their intertwined professional and personal lives. Their mutual support and genuine camaraderie avoid typical romantic clichés, presenting a teamwork approach that is both heartwarming and relatable.

In our opinion, episodes 9 and 10 of Doctor Slump succeed in finding a balance between emotional depth and comedic relief. The well-developed characters and intricate plotlines continue to captivate the audience, promising further exploration of themes like resilience, friendship, and love. The series remains engaging, leaving viewers eager to see how the characters evolve in the upcoming episodes.

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