Does Superman Celebrate His Birthday On Leap Day? Origins And Theory Explored

This year’s February didn't just bring about a leap year but a new reboot to the DC Universe. But first, let's take a look at why is it celebrated as the birthday of Superman.

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Superman Celebrates His Birthday on Feb 29
Superman The Animated Series (1996) (IMDb)

It’s a bird! It's a Plane! Its Superman! Moreover, it is Superman's birthday! 

Since it's a leap year, it fits perfectly for the man, or should we say the alien who doesn't age. Popular beliefs point towards a lot of theories that we are about to discuss. Read on to get a grip on what made this day the superhero who started it all’s birthday.

February 29 Superman's Birthday

Although the age of Superman and his birthday have been changed several times in the comics, a common date that was used repeatedly was February 29, which celebrated his birthday. This does make sense as we know Superman doesn't age and that leap years come every four years.  

And do mind that we are talking about Superman’s birthday. Not Clark Kents, neither Kal-El’s. The comics have shown that the years on Krypton are longer than that of the Earth and that they don't have leap years. So we cannot exactly point out the birthday of Kal-El. 

Talking about Clark Kent, he’s a kid of the Kents. He celebrates his birthday on June 18, which is the date the baby had crashed in his spaceship and also when the Kents found him on their farm. 


It was in 1966 when 29 Feb was officially declared as the superspeed hero’s birthday, at the end of Mort Weisinger's superhero titles.  E. Nelson Bridwell, who was Weisinger's primary assistant, had replied to a question surrounding the birthday of Superman. He answered that to be this date in his column. 


A decade later, DC released a calendar that had famous dates in the lives of superheroes. Talking about anniversaries and other special events of the superheroes, it mentioned February 29 to be the birthday of the man of steel. 

Interestingly, the alien's birthday also clashes with Shazam. His birthday was later popularized in the 1985 comic, Superman annual no.11.

What’s more about Superman’s Birthday?

Fans are celebrating the first-ever superhero’s birthday on social media. The proud post on X (formerly Twitter) shows their dedication as they commemorate the legendary day. 

Posts such as “ Happy Birthday to the most Iconic character of all time & our Brand New Man of Steel,” have brought back days from our childhood. 

The #Superman has been trending since the early start of the day, along what fans posting “Happy birthday Big Blue! #Superman” and “Happy Birthday to the best superhero of all time! #Superman #DCU #SupermanLegacy”

Well, Bud Collyer, the first person ever to play Superman, on a radio show shares his birthday with Clark Kent, which is June 18. So what interesting thing does this particular date has?

Finding the opportunity, James Gunn introduced a bit of his upcoming superhero movie to the audience. In an Instagram post, the DC Studios CEO released the suit along with the emblem that the new Superman will wear. Along with the new suit, Gunn even mentioned that the movie which was supposed to be called Superman: Legacy will now be simply Superman.

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What's the real name of Superman?
Superman is Clark Kent.

When was Superman first introduced?
Created by writer Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman was first introduced on April 18, 1938, in Action Comics #1.

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