James Gunn Addresses Superman: Legacy's 300 Million USD Budget Rumor; Says THIS About Speculations

James Gunn clears the clouds surrounding the budget of his new superhero movie Superman: Legacy. The movie was stated to have a budget of around USD 363M.

Published on Mar 01, 2024  |  02:09 PM IST |  80.4K
James Gunn talks about budget rumors surrounding Superman: Legacy
James Gunn (IMDb)

We are closer to, maybe coming across a few on-set photographs as the first DC Universe movie is set to begin with its filming. James Gunn, along with the team is preparing with all force and enthusiasm and moving ahead into the principal photography section, leading the production into filming. The process will be held in Atlanta this week and even mark the official start of the new and rebooted DC Universe. 

But during these absolutely hyped-up scenarios, a fan had approached the DC studio CEO about the budget of the movie. Read on to know what exactly the new guide of the DC Universe stated. 

James Gunn about the budget Rumors

The production and the cast seem to have eagerly waited for this day that begins a new era for the DC fans. Meanwhile, a fan had brought up a question to the director of Guardians of the Galaxy. 

On Threads, a user named Adam_Ambro tagged Gunn, and also an article that stated, the movie Superman: Legacy has a budget of around $364 million. Following this, the user even asked if the rumor was true. 


Gunning down this rumor, the co-director of The Suicide Squad (2021) first laughed and then questioned the source of the article. 

In his reply, James Gunn said “Absolutely not. How in the world do they think they know what our budget is?"


It is to be noted that when the story was published the budget of Superman: Legacy was not revealed to the public. 

Is James Gunn making the most expensive superhero movie? 

The cost has still not been disclosed, but looking at the preparations it is certain that this new reboot introducing the Man of Steel will have a huge budget. 

Although the movie doesn't have any pricey actors starring in it, the budget might go high because of the CGI and other details. 

However, if the rumors about the budget are true, this would be the most expensive movie that DC has ever made. The 2017 collaboration of DC superheroes, Justice League alone had a budget of $300 million. 

If Superman: legacy does have a budget of $364 million, this won't be just an expensive movie from DC or Warner Bros., but the most expensive superhero movie ever.  

The last three Avengers films are at the top when we look at the budget, with Avengers: Age of Ultron grabbing the top spot. The 2015 movie was filmed with a budget of over $444 million. 

Similarly, before the big superhero franchises took over, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man movies were ruling the box office. The third installment of Sony’s web-slinger had a budget of $258 million. 

What does the movie bring forth, only time will tell. The movie Superman: Legacy recently was subjected to a title change, now James Gunn is calling it just Superman.



Who are the co-chairs of the new DC Universe?
Director James Gunn and producer Peter Safran have been named as the two new co-chairs of the DC Universe.

When will Superman: Legacy release?
11 July 2025 is the release date set for the new Superman movie.

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