Is Jacob Elordi replacing Andrew Garfield in Guillermo Del Toro's Frankenstein? Deets inside

Andrew Garfield was supposed to star as Frankenstein’s monster in Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming film, but it seems he is being replaced by Jacob Elordi.

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Jacob Elordi has had a fantastic year in 2023. Two of his films, which were with acclaimed directors, gained critical acclaim as well as audience love. This has elevated his status as a rising star of his generation.

His brilliant run seems to be continuing in 2024 as well, as he is already on his way to collaborating with another big filmmaker in probably the biggest project of his life so far.

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Is Jacob Elordi replacing Andrew Garfield in Netflix’s Frankenstein?

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is one of the most well-regarded and often adapted pieces of fiction which has made a significant impact on many people. Its undying influence is one of the reasons that it has been adapted so many times for screen as well as on the stage.

Now, Oscar-winning director Guillermo Del Toro is coming out with his own spin on the seminal classic, being produced by Netflix. Earlier, some major casting announcements revealed that Oscar Isaac will play Dr. Frankenstein, the man behind the creation of the mythical monster in Mary Shelley’s book. 

Andrew Garfield was roped in to play the titular monster and bring the story of this mythical creature to life. But it seems there have been some changes in the plan. The actors and writers' strike in Hollywood last year made a slew of changes to the whole schedule that was to be followed. Due to the production of films being stopped for so long, several productions have seen some changes.


One of those is Del Toro’s Frankenstein which seems to have lost the Under the Silver Lake actor. In his place, Euphoria star Jacob Elordi is supposed to play the much-coveted role and add another feather to his cap by working with another auteur.

Jacob Elordi’s brilliant year in 2023

There was a time not too long ago when Jacob Elordi was mostly famous for being the lead actor in Netflix’s The Kissing Booth, the fun rom-com that didn’t really give the young actor enough chance to show his acting range. It just capitalized on his good looks. But the Australian actor had much more to prove and it showed in his subsequent roles, most notably his deranged portrayal of Nate Jacobs in Euphoria. 

The role put him on the map as not just a pretty face but a great actor as well, which helped him bag some major roles ahead. The year 2023 proved to be a decisive one for him as he starred in not just one but two of the best movies of the year with two very acclaimed directors. The first one was Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla in which he played the famed role of Elvis Presley.


The second one is probably one of the most polarizing films of last year, that being Emerald Fennell's Saltburn. Both these films brought in critical acclaim as well as audience appreciation leading to a breakout year for Jacob Elordi.


How old is Jacob Elordi?
26 years

How old is Andrew Garfield?
40 years

Who is directing Netflix's Frankenstein?
Guillermo Del Toro

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