Love Is Blind’s Chelsea Reveals Jimmy’s Celebrity Doppelgänger And Her Resemblance To Other Stars

Love is Blind star Chelsea Blackwell told Jimmy Presnell that she resembled Megan Fox in the pods on season 6 of the show. The star further said she looks like Adele and Katy Perry.

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From left: Jimmy and Chelsea on Love is Blind. PHOTO: COURTESY OF NETFLIX
From left: Jimmy and Chelsea on Love is Blind. PHOTO: COURTESY OF NETFLIX
Key Highlight
  • Chelsea Blackwell says she resembles actor Megan Fox
  • The star also said that people tell her she resebles Adele and Katy Perry too
  • Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell called off their wedding just before the main vows

After raising quite a few eyebrows while sharing that her doppelganger was Megan Fox, Chelsea Blackwell has now shared which star her ex fiancé Jimmy Presnell told her he resembled. On the April 3 episode of the After Crefew Podcast, the Love is Blind star revealed that he remained unaware of Presnell’s appearance even after he compared himself to famous athlete Christian McCaffrey. 

"I didn't know who he told me he looked like — he said he looked like Christian McCaffrey," she said, referring to the San Francisco 49ers’ running back who is engaged to Olivia Culpo. "I don't have a phone to look [up who that is]. No Google."

The star went ahead and also mentioned the other star that she gets besides Megan Fox. 

"They didn't show that I also say Adele and I also say  Katy Perry " Blackwell explained. "I said I get one person all the time and then I say I also get Adele and Katy Perry.” 

She added: “Put all those girls together, they look nothing alike. He just heard what he wanted to hear and ran with it."




Many say Chelsea Blackwell resembles Megan Fox 

As mentioned in PEOPLE,  Blackwell told Presnell that she had often been told she looked like Fox, although she said that she didn't really see the comparison herself and told Presnell not to "get excited."


After the pair’s initial meeting following her comments about her appearance in the pods, Presnell admitted in a confessional interview that he felt she had “lied” to him, though he was still driven to his then-fiancée.

The remarks gained so much attention and opinions that Blackwell even felt the need to contact Fox herself. "I did reach out to her [Fox], and I was like, 'I'm so sorry I did this to you,' " Blackwell told Entertainment Tonight in February.

"I'm just waiting for Megan to respond," she added

What went wrong between Chelsea Blackwell and ex fiancé Jimmy Presnell? 

The couple, who were raising the temperature with their romance and chemistry, ultimately, called off their wedding. Presnell told Blackwell he was not ready or willing to take the vows with her after a fulfilling and fun day at the amusement park together, and Blackwell told PEOPLE that the breakup “was completely out of left field” for her.


"We were in such a good spot going into that date that I was just over the moon, and so in love. We did so much work on our relationship and we were just in the most amazing spot we could have been in, I thought," she said. "So that whole conversation ... I was definitely taken aback."

After somehow dating for a few days after they broke up, Blackwell shared on The Viall Files last month that they are now “just friends.” She said, “There is absolutely nothing going on. I've seen what I needed to see. I've been told no multiple times by him. So we are not doing that crap again.”


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