The Boys' Most Controversial Scene From The Comics; Explained

The Boys’ Season 4 is definitely creating quite a buzz. However, the showrunners have creatively adapted one of the comics' most controversial scenes. Read on to find out more.

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The Boys’ Season 4 is definitely creating quite a buzz
The Boys (CC: IMDb)

Up until season 4, The Boys has been one of the most controversial TV shows due to its gritty portrayal of reality that has been shown within a superhero narrative, along with nudity, gore, and obscenity. However, the showrunners transformed one of the most controversial scenes from the comics into a more nuanced and toned-down one, adding deeper parallels to reality.

The show depicts how too much power causes one to have a God complex, resulting in destructive tendencies and oppression of those deemed inferior. Originally, the comic depicted a problematic scene between Annie (Starlight) and Homelander, that has been reimagined in the series. 

The Boys' problematic scene from comics: Starlight and Homelander’s interaction

In the comics, Annie’s introduction to the Seven and her interaction with Homelander took a dark turn. Excited to join the team, Annie faced Homelander's abuse of power when he demanded oral sex from her as a condition for her enlistment. A-Train and Black Noir also joined in, furthering the assault. This traumatic experience led Annie to vomit in the bathroom afterward.  

However, in the TV series, Annie’s storyline was altered. During her induction into the Seven in Season 1, The Deep, citing Homelander's approval, sexually assaulted her. Annie later exposed The Deep's actions, nearly costing him his position. Despite this, he was welcomed back while she left the team, depicting how patriarchy wins every time.


This whole scenario ignited Annie’s feminist side, paralleling real-life movements like #MeToo. However, the series didn’t stick to Starlight’s sexual abuse and explored deeper layers. The Deep underwent an emotional journey, confronting his ego and past actions, showing character growth amidst the series' complex narrative. 

Antony Starr’s opinion about Homelander’s evilness

As per CBR, Antony Starr who plays Homelander in The Boys, shared how his character should not be worshipped as a superhero. The actor said, “He should not be anyone’s real hero, but I do get a lot of people saying that they have very conflicted feelings about him because he does all this horrible stuff, yet he’s desperately trying to be a good father. He genuinely loves the kid. He just doesn’t know how. Because how would he? He’s never been loved.”

Every new episode of The Boys airs on Thursdays on Amazon Prime Video. Well, what are your thoughts about the transformation of the controversial scene from the comics for the web show? Let us know.


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