4 Zodiac signs most likely to be drawn to Gemini people

Gemini people are social butterflies and want to have quality discussions. Their charming personality catches the attention of four zodiac signs and they make a great couple together.

Updated on Oct 27, 2020 05:17 AM IST  |  6.3M
Compatible zodiac with Gemini
4 Zodiac signs most likely to be drawn to Gemini people
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Popularly known as the social butterfly, Gemini people are the life of the party. They like to have interesting conversations and are curious, affectionate and kind. They easily get bored, so they need different things constantly to stay entertained. Witty and energetic Geminis are often considered to be two-faced. They have different sides to show to other people.

Gemini is an air element and this season is from May 21 to June 21. There are four zodiac signs who are always drawn towards Gemini people for their vibrant and enthusiastic personality.

These are the zodiac signs who are attracted to Gemini:


Aries, the fire element is enthusiastic, bold and ready to take risks. They always feel attracted to Gemini’s charming personality. They both make a great couple with good chemistry. Since Geminis like to do different things to stay entertained, Aries people with their enthusiastic attitude always make them happy.



Leos know how to be the centre of attention always. They always want to be in the spotlight in public spaces and manage to do that well. So, Geminis will always be hooked on to them and never get bored. They both have a charming personality which attracts them to each other. And their keen interest to know different things will always go hand in hand.



Sagis always want to explore new things and places. They are the explorer of all the zodiac signs. So, they can keep Geminis entertained with their new plans every now and then. They both are witty and enthusiastic and these traits complement each other perfectly.



The most balanced zodiac sign, Libra has a charming personality. They like to socialise a lot and love to invest in expensive elegant stuff. They are also drawn towards Gemini people for being the fellow Air sign and having a fun personality.


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Great my crush is scorpio or libra and I am gemini