10 Ways To Make A Leo Man Obsessed With You

It's time to go overboard and do something extra to make your Leo man fall head over heels in love with you and strengthen your relationship to make it last.

Aastha Pahadia
Written by Aastha Pahadia , Certified Relationship Coach
Published on Dec 31, 2022 | 12:01 PM IST | 4.8M
Ways To Make A Leo Man Obsessed With You
Ways To Make A Leo Man Obsessed With You

You shouldn't be surprised if you develop feelings for a Leo man because these guys know exactly how to charm their way right into your heart. However, if you approach them and get their attention, you might be able to offer them some flattery that they would otherwise expect from their partner. A Leo man requires a companion who can keep up with him while also balancing him out. You'll need to capture his interest by appealing to both his self-assured appearance and his delicate, compassionate true feelings.

Check out these 10 ways in which you can make a Leo man obsessed with you.

1. Compliment Him

Positive comments and praises are a massive power-up for Leo men since these feed their lion-sized pride. Give this man your attention so that he notices you if you want him to shift his focus to you. Positive reinforcement is what Leo men depend on, so make them enjoy a little pampering.

2. Prove Your Loyalty

When a Leo makes up their mind that they cherish someone, they stick with it. But for this man to recognize the potential in you and be willing to offer his all to the relationship, you must first prove your dedication and honesty towards him. You need to remind your Leo guy that you'll be there no matter what.


3. Take Pride In How You Carry Yourself


Leos are drawn to people who have confidence in themselves. They exude such an amazing aura when they move and speak, and they want their partner to mirror that assurance. Do not criticize yourself or discuss your vulnerabilities. Instead, emphasize your unique qualities.

4. Show Him Some Love

Leos have a delicate and sensitive sense of self-esteem, so letting him know how much you care about him will make him feel wonderful. They only ask for unending praise and focus on the reward. Furthermore, it will bring you two closer and increase his thoughts and feelings for you.

5. Respect Him

Leo males value their image highly. They would therefore be searching for a decent woman who would respect them, someone who wouldn't make them appear bad. Show him that you are a nice and compassionate person and that you appreciate his decisions and actions if you want him to approach you.

6. Show Off Your Style Statement

Leo men adore it when their partners dress elegantly. Be original in your attire. They desire a companion with a sophisticated sense of style. Whenever you spend time with him, embrace your taste in fashion by dressing in pieces that make you feel amazing about yourself.

Ways To Make A Leo Man Obsessed With You

7. Be Fun And Adventurous

Leo men are the star of the show every time, and they are drawn to people who can provide them with great times and who also have an adventurous spirit. Consider an impromptu excursion to unique locations and pursuits when you are out with your Leo man. They enjoy spending time with someone who has a free spirit.

8. Flirt With Him

A Leo man is a born charmer, and he would value a partner who would recognize his flirting cues and would want to respond with the same fervor and excitement. They are seeking bold partners who can excel at the luring game while being playful and teasing them.

9. Make An Emotional Bond With Him

Many Leos are inherently sensitive, and their feelings can be hurt severely. They seek a companion with whom they can communicate openly and emotionally. Have in-depth conversations with your Leo man and ask him a bunch of concerns about himself to want to get to know him.


10. Seduce Him

Leos enjoy extravagant, extended seduction techniques. In the bedroom, strive to imitate his zeal, and don't be hesitant to become a little cheeky and nasty. Be you, and don't pretend to be someone you're not, even when you're being intimate. No matter what, Leo men will respect your pace and approach to thought.

Mentioned above are just a few tips on how to persuade a Leo man to get obsessed with you. The only thing left to do is to let him channel his inner hero and take control of your relationship. If you are successful in attracting him, a Leo is the best sign to date.

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