10 Ways To Attract A Cancer Man

The Cancerian guy wants to have a deep connection with you during intimacy because the moon rules Cancers. He will truly feel the passion flow between you two.

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Ways To Attract A Cancer Man
Ways To Attract A Cancer Man

One of the most romantic men of the zodiac, Cancerians are well versed in the art of seduction. Hence, to attract them you may have to think outside the box. So, consider going beyond setting the mood, lighting some candles, and dimming the lights. This is a man who would probably return the favor by turning on some soothing jazz and scattering some flowers or rose petals around the bed. So, read on to discover a few ways to get him in the mood.

1.       Go With The Flow

Knowing what you want can be a good thing, but with a Cancerian man who is often insecure. It can help to be more obedient and go with the flow when your guy initiates intimacy. Things will remain fascinating if they are changed. Right from using whipped cream to chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne, you can up your seduction game.

2.       Let Him Focus On Your Needs

A Cancer man is preoccupied with your enjoyment. He can't help concentrating on your needs because he is such a nurturing person. Share your preferences and the things that make you feel content after a round of making love. He'll be delighted to fulfill your wishes.

3.       Draw Him A Nice Bath

Water signs like Cancer enjoy unwinding in the bathtub. He will adore bathing in a tub of bubbles or using scented candles and bath bombs. In a private hot tub, you might even have a steamy moment.


4.       Go Dancing Together

For cancers, visual stimulation is quite significant. So, go salsa dancing if you feel comfortable doing so. Give him a special performance, and the chemistry between you will ensure that he'll be thinking about you nonstop.

5.       Set The Mood With Alluring Scents

Lighting up the room with scented candles and diffuser oils for a lovely fragrance is your best bet. Whether you opt for rose or jasmine scents, you can add a touch of romanticism. Aromatherapists frequently utilize the seductive perfume of lavender to promote connection.

6.       Strike An Emotional Bond

Physical intimacy and love are synonymous in the eyes of a Cancer. Take your time and savor every moment with him. Engaging in foreplay is a terrific method to prolong your romantic hour.

7.       Build Up To The Moment All Day

Since they are so sensitive to emotions, cancers dislike casual romance. A connection will make him feel much more content. If you're pressed for time, consider sending him flirtatious texts all day long.


8.       Steer Clear Of PDA

You might imagine that your Cancer guy would like to make out with you at a pub or a beach. However, be open to having a private moment somewhere because a public display of affection is not his cup of tea. 

9.       Focus On Tenderness

Cancers appreciate gentle handling. Shun ideas of taking a rough approach to passion. Instead focus on tender touches. These make it easier to transition into intimacy and help you and your mate connect on a deeper level.

10.    Let Him Play To His Strengths

Most cancers have a few preferred positions that they prefer. Even if your Cancer likes to try new things, he frequently plays to his strengths when it comes to physical intimacy. You can make him even happier by being aware of his strategy.

A word of caution: before your partner feels at ease discussing his feelings, he could be hesitant to discuss intimacy at first. Never give up! When he's ready, the Cancer male will let you know what he enjoys.


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