10 Ways To Attract A Taurus Man

Making your move too quickly is one mistake you must never make when talking to a Taurus guy. Keep in mind that he usually prefers the art of slow seduction.

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Ways To Attract A Taurus Man
Ways To Attract A Taurus Man

Taurus guys often have the imposing stature of Adonis and a pleasing appearance. Their place of birth holds a significant meaning for them, and their moms have a special place in their hearts. This earth sign relishes leisure and cannot be coaxed into performing any task as they are usually lazy. These individuals love their catnaps and prefer to accomplish everything in their own time. They aim to lead opulent lives, and they have a liking for music, dance, and the arts. Since they are ambitious, they are harder to attract than most people.

But here's how you can get started on seducing this bull-

1.   Pamper Him To Get Him In The Mood

Guys from the sign of Taurus are especially corny. So, if he enjoys music, be sure to play his favorite band when he comes to visit. Does he enjoy eating? Make him a delectable supper. Plan a trip to a concert if he likes a particular artist. Don't forget to use your knowledge to craft a specific experience for him.

2.   Enchant Him With Your Tone

Bear in mind that Taurus rules the senses. Therefore, speaking softly to him will pique his interest more than any outright proposition. He will swoon with joy at being touched by your gentle voice over the phone.


3.   Ditch The Hair Extensions And Excess Makeup


Taurus men are straightforward, unpretentious individuals who value authenticity. They are therefore turned off by mates with excess makeup, hair extensions, or a venomous tongue. Make his life cozy and full of straightforward joys, and you've got him.

4.   Invest In A Distinctive Fragrance

You can exploit this sign's receptivity to scents to help him remember you. Wear a delicate, sweet, and sensuous fragrance every time you see him. Your Taurean will enjoy being reminded of you every time he smells it and feel closer to you.

5.   Strutt Your Stuff

Nothing draws a Taurus man more than a lady who exudes sass. This man can behave like a primitive being who simply wants to ogle at his wife sometimes. So, stand tall and flaunt your slender frame, for they shall be enchanted visually.

6.   Caress Him In A Friendly Manner

Taurus guys can be pretty dense sometimes, so they may not grasp your verbal hints. You must focus more on caressing them gently or touching their arms when you chat with them.

7.   Learn About His Erogenous Zones

You must appeal to a Taurus man's sensual side, if you want to attract him. Once you have touched his heart, get to know him and his erogenous zones to assault his senses with your tender chemistry.

8.   Ask Him About Simple Pleasures

You don't have to do much to pique a Taurus man's interest or win him over. He doesn't enjoy grandiose performances or flashy gestures. A straightforward home-cooked supper will satisfy him. You can ask him what he likes and take it from there.

9.   Goof Around

Go ahead and be your goofiest self for him. You'll get his attention if you laugh at yourself, tell humorous anecdotes, and dance to your favorite music. He has a soft spot for a goofball.

10. Don’t Come On Too Strong

Indeed, Taurus men rarely initiate contact with their lovers. They would rather wait until a woman makes the first move. They can avoid wasting time on futile pursuits this way. But they also flee from ladies who come on too strong.


These men logically infer that any belle who doesn't show too much interest is looking for a serious relationship with them. Go, figure! You must strike the appropriate balance by drawing his attention just enough!

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