THESE zodiac signs are attracted to intelligence than anything else

Do you get attracted to people who are smart, talented and all brainy? Then read on to know if you on the list or not.
THESE zodiac signs are attracted to intelligence than anything else THESE zodiac signs are attracted to intelligence than anything else
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Good looks, sense of humour, perfect smell etc are what many of us get attracted to. But there are few souls who look for intellect first and later everything else. As per astrology, some zodiac signs gravitate toward fearlessness, for example, Aries. Many get attracted to people who are tall dark and handsome (Scorpio and Libra) while some find kindness as the best trait in partners (Cancer) So, which zodiac signs are sapiosexuals, which means they fall for those who are super smart and intelligent.

They get turned on by their thinking and knowledge and not by their chiselled body or perfect jawline. For certain zodiac signs, high IQ is what they look forward to when they meet someone. So, which are the zodiac signs who are sapiosexuals and want their partner to be intelligent and later they look for other traits? Do you too get attracted to a brainy over a brawny? Then read on to know if you are in the list or not. 


Capricorns get drawn to intelligence, basically, they are sapiosexuals. Very ambitious, workaholic and they want partners to support them in their dreams and aspirations. This earth sign are themselves very talented, brainy and always excel in academics and professionally too. And that's why they cannot tolerate bimbo behaviour. They mostly look for someone who is super hard-working just like them. If you want to impress a Capricorn brag about your GPA. They get high on stimulating conversations, so indulge in discussions which tickle their minds. 


Nothing impresses a Gemini more than who are toe-to-toe with them intellectually. Their curiosity is usually intense and they will be satisfied by someone who has an equally deep and curious mind. Show off your GK, give them intellectual stimulation, discuss social issues, give your opinions, and enjoy a debate with them. So, if you are equally sharp-witted and have emotional intelligence just like them, then there are chances of you getting approached by them. 


They are also an earth sign like Capricon, Virgos will love you for your mind and they too like to excel in everything. However, they will excel for the sake of excellence, not for recognition and rewards. So, they look for someone who has also invested in themselves and became skilful over a period of time. Speaking of Virgo women, they like smart guys. So, if you’re dumb and rich, then forget about it. Same goes for Virgo men, they are usually highly intelligent and appreciates and admires the same quality in their potential partners.

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Anonymous 6 days ago

Thanks. Being a Capricorn, I've noticed that we're quite underrated for our love of intelligence and our own intelligence. So Thanks.

Anonymous 10 months ago

Aquarius should be on this list

Anonymous 10 months ago

Aquarius should be at the top of the list...they look far and foremost for intelligence over everything else.

Anonymous 11 months ago

I am a Libra but I also get attracted to intelligence ...... I couldn't quite relate to this article. As these signs are not the ones as far as I have seen

Anonymous 11 months ago

Being a Capricorn, I really do appreciate the intelligent human being that I can have a decent conversation with. Thanks for this -