Elvis Presley Hairstyles: Legendary Locks That Rocked the World

From the rebellious pompadour of the 1950s to the striking looks of the 1970s, Discover the Elvis Presley hairstyles that left an indelible mark on pop culture.

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Elvis presley hairstyles
Elvis presley hairstyles
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Elvis Presley, the undisputed King of Rock and Roll, was not only celebrated for his musical prowess but also for his iconic style and signature hairstyles. His ever-evolving looks left a lasting impact on fashion and grooming trends. In this exploration of Elvis Presley's hairstyles, we will delve into the evolution of his hair throughout his illustrious career. From the youthful pompadour that first captured hearts to the later, more elaborate styles, we will uncover the significance of Elvis's hair choices in the context of his extraordinary life and their enduring influence on pop culture. Elvis's hairstyles are more than just a visual journey; they are a testament to his legacy.

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10 Elvis Presley Hairstyles That Defines “Iconic”

1. Messy Pompadour 

Elvis presley hairstyles

Elvis’s youthful pompadour, a symbol of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion, was accentuated by his blond hair. To achieve this look, maintain longer hair on top while keeping the sides shorter. Regularly comb the top hair back, creating volume and height. To perfect the signature slick appearance, use a strong-hold pomade that ensures the hair remains in place, giving it that iconic rockabilly style. Finish it off with a blast of hair spray for that authentic blonde hair that stays put.

2. Ducktail

Elvis presley hairstyles

The ducktail hairstyle exudes rugged charm. To attain this look, maintain shorter hair, tapered sides and back, allowing the top hair to grow longer. This elongated top is slicked back with the use of a styling gel, creating a distinctive contour that resembles the tail of a duck. It's a style that captures the essence of the rebellious 1950s, synonymous with Elvis and rock 'n' roll.


3. The Army Cut

Elvis presley hairstyles

Elvis's military cut is characterized by its neat and short appearance, which reflects discipline and uniformity. Achieving this style is straightforward—maintain short hair length all around. The simplicity of this low-maintenance look makes it ideal for a clean and disciplined appearance.

4. The Elvis Quiff

Elvis presley hairstyles

The Elvis quiff, which emerged after his military service, demands a taller front with shorter sides. To create this signature style, blow-drying your hair with a blow dryer while lifting the front to generate volume. The next step involves a firm-hold pomade to craft the show into the desired quiff shape. The quiff's flamboyance showcased his transition back into entertainment and stardom.

5. The Slicked-back Look

Elvis presley hairstyles

Elvis's polished and sophisticated slicked-back style, complemented by his striking hair color, epitomized his artistic maturation. Achieving this look entails maintaining relatively long hair on top. Apply a generous amount of hair dye or pomade to ensure the hair remains slicked back with precision, and high-quality hair gel can help maintain the look. Regularly comb the hair backward, creating a polished and mature finish with the assistance of the right hair product.

6. The Mutton Chops

Elvis presley hairstyles

Elvis, during his late 1960s comeback, sported distinctive mutton chops, a striking choice for curly brunette hair. These sideburns were characterized by their long and bushy nature, creating a unique contrast with the rest of the face being clean-shaven. To achieve and maintain this bold look, ensure your damp hair is styled appropriately, and every couple of weeks, trim and shape the sideburns as needed. This style is a standout choice for those with coily hair types and has become a part of Elvis’s iconic image.

7. The Long And Wavy

Elvis presley hairstyles

In his later years, Elvis embraced longer and wavier hair, adding flamboyance to his on-stage presence. Achieving this look requires growing your hair long and naturally wavy. You can enhance the waves using a curling iron or styling products, creating a casual yet striking appearance reminiscent of his later-stage career.

8. The Jeweled Hair

Elvis presley hairstyles

Elvis's jeweled hair look, particularly during his Las Vegas performances, is about adding decorative clips, jewels, or hairpins to your styled hair. To achieve this glamorous and eye-catching effect, ensure that these embellishments are securely fastened in your hair, adding an extra layer of extravagance.


9. The Bejeweled Jumpsuit Era

Elvis presley hairstyles

The 1970s marked the famous jumpsuit era for Elvis look. To emulate this look, adorn yourself with a dazzling costume or jumpsuit and match it with extravagant hairstyles. This style embraces showmanship and charisma, representing Elvis's larger-than-life stage presence.

10. The Sideburns

Elvis presley hairstyles

Elvis, a true style icon known for his signature sideburns, which remained a constant feature throughout his career, demanded allowing facial hair to grow along the jawline and down to the chin area. To maintain this iconic hairdo, trim and shape the sideburns to your desired length, ensuring they are well-groomed and symmetrical. His sideburns stand as a tribute to the King of Rock and Roll, symbolizing his enduring unique style and legacy.


Elvis Presley's hairstyles represent more than just changes in grooming; they encapsulate the evolution of an iconic figure and the transformation of an era. From the rebellious pompadour of the 1950s to the polished sophistication of the 1960s and the glitz of the 1970s, Elvis Persely’s hair mirrored his journey as an artist and a cultural phenomenon. His influence on fashion and grooming trends is as enduring as his music, and his hairstyles continue to be celebrated and emulated worldwide. The King of Rock and Roll's ever-changing looks are a testament to his enduring legacy and profound impact on popular culture.

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What was Elvis's hairstyle called?
Elvis Presley's hairstyle, particularly in the 1950s, was often called a pompadour. This iconic look featured a high, slicked-back top with short sides, creating a signature rock 'n' roll image.

Did Elvis Presley have good hair?
Yes, Elvis Presley was known for having thick, dark, and well-styled hair. His hair was a prominent part of his overall image, and he cared about grooming it perfectly.

How to style hair like 70s Elvis?
To achieve Elvis's 1970s style, characterized by longer and wavier hair, you'll need to grow your hair out and create loose waves with a curling iron or styling products. A sideburns-heavy look can be completed by letting facial hair grow along the jawline.

What hairstyle did Elvis have in the 70s?
In the 1970s, Elvis sported longer, wavier hair. His sideburns were a defining feature, and his overall look reflected a more striking and mature style as he performed in his famous jumpsuits.

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